Youtube Subscribers

  • If your YouTube channel is a car then the subscribers (check here) are the engine which will make the wheels rotate.

    YouTube is like the king of video sharing platform which is overthrowing its competitor and invading the trend.

    Any trend is like a dish, you can't just stick to the same for a long time. But exceptions exist everywhere, YouTube (for more) is Invincible.

    Currently, there are more than 40millions YouTube (more info) channels and the number is increasing day by day. People all around the world are creating YouTube channels and uploading 500 hours of video every minute. According to a data 1 billion hours of YouTube are watched by us on a daily basis. So you may imagine the outreach of this platform from these data.

    We often see YouTubers asking us to subscribe (for additional information) their channel, many of you might be thinking that why do they want us to subscribe (visit here) to their channel.



    Actually, a number of channels on YouTube are more than 40 million but those having a very low number of subscribers are not even counted as a channel. You need at least 1K subscribers (more information) for the monetization of your YouTube channel and 4000 watch hours as well in 365 days. The bigger channels having more than 10K subscribers tend to grow faster.

    Subscribers (know more) are like an asset for your channel because they tend to spend more time watching your channel than those who haven’t subscribed you. The subscribers (further details) get alert notification when you post your new content, so they will always stay connected and tuned to your channel and increase your watch time which will gear your channel up to grow stronger.

    Due to growing crowd and diversity of channels and contents on this platform, you would be not sure that your unsubscribed viewers will remember you and visit your channel again. But subscribers (read here) get the news of your every update in their main feed and even receive notification for each of your contents.



    In-fact the answer is no, irrespective of your goals on YouTube (find out more), whether you want to make money or name, you need a quality content as well which will bring more and more eyeballs on your channel. The more you bring views on advertisements of your videos the more you will be paid. Having millions of subscribers (read more) but only a hundred views will net you no penny. Make people feel worth spending their time on your channel. And this can only be done by providing them unique and mind-blowing contents.



    1. Providing quality content which can attract the audience should be your first priority. Do proper research on the trending topics, watch your competitor videos and rather than copying them try to create your own unique content.

    2. Never make your videos boring even for a second. Try to constrain your viewers to stick on your video till the end, this will increase your watch time as well as leave a positive impact on the viewers. They will share the video and subscribe (visit more) on your channel.

    3. Leave some reasons for the viewers to come back on your channel. Try to keep your promises and maintain consistency.

    4. Do proper keyword research to title your video use. Use SEO tools to come across the most often search words regarding information your video contains.

    5. Ask your viewers to subscribe. As the benefits of subscribers (see more) are discussed above so it is one of the most important factors to grow your channel stronger.

    6. Interact with your subscribers, celebrate your subscribes (find more) milestone with them so they feel you connected with them and this will also make them feel special.