5 Most Popular Kitchen Countertops

  • Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Do you have a plan to replace the kitchen benchtop? It is one of the most vital decisions. If your existing kitchen slab has not performed well, planning for the second slab should be done carefully. It should be executed after a complete market survey, product comparison, and budget evaluation. In this article, we are discussing those kitchen countertops that have garnered more attention because of their advantages. 


    Engineered Stone Benchtops


    These slabs have revolutionized the home décor world because of multiple advantages. Today, engineered stone is one of the most preferred varieties over natural stone. Slabs of the stone don’t break, crack and chip off. Quality is preserved even after using it for more than a decade. It doesn’t need maintenance. The surface is rock solid like natural stone. The cleaning process is simple. You can wipe off the surface with a damp cloth. No special cleaning agent is required. Since the surface is non-porous, it doesn’t allow bacteria to sit and grow. It also doesn’t absorb liquid and keep the surface stain free. 


    Natural Stone Benchtops


    Slabs made of natural stone are durable and long-lasting. Granite and marble are two important benchtop varieties in natural stone. The installation of the natural stone increases the value of your property. Each natural stone is unique. Natural textures are formed on its surface and each piece forms a unique texture. When you install a natural stone slab, believe that no one in the world has the same texture natural stone slab. It is why elite people love to install natural stone.


    Laminate Benchtops


    Strict budget homeowners like to install laminate. Though the lifespan of the lamination is somewhere around 10 years, it can last for about 15 years if you take care of it. Laminate is lightweight and easy to install. It saves money on installation as compared to engineered and natural stone benchtops. Laminate slabs are available in a range of colours and textures like an engineered stone. They are also available in the replica of natural stone. So, you would have the natural stone texture at affordable prices.  


    Timber Benchtops 


    If you are looking to add style and elegance both at the same time, timber benchtops can be an ideal choice for you. It will make your kitchen beautiful and aesthetically pleasant. However, timber needs you to follow some precautions like don’t put an overheat pan and don’t use the surface like a chopping board.