Malta Holidays - Rumours Strike Tourist Island

  • This information gives a few of the basics as regards to Malta tourist data and techniques for possible guests that are not very knowledgeable about the Maltese islands. As with any vacation location, the more you know about the country before you visit, the more equipped you'll be to choose just the right sites and attractions to visit. It's never wise to only opt for the movement because every one is significantly diffent and that becomes especially essential when on holiday. You never want to "waste" time visiting sites and places that are not attractive to you.

    Malta Temperature

    The current weather in Malta has always been Ese dil okulu among the island's strongest points. Readers can usually assume to obtain warm weather almost all year round, with conditions rising in July and August. Coldest periods frequently come in January and March, although no day is ever that cool to keep visitors from discovering the islands.

    Passport needs

    EU citizens can travel to Malta with no passport because their national identity card will suffice. (If you're traveling from an EU place that doesn't problem ID cards, a legitimate passport is then required). Non-EU nationals should have a legitimate passport.

    Malta Airport

    There is only one airport in Malta and all routes arrive and depart from it. Malta International Airport is found at Luqa, some 8 kilometres south of Valletta (the capital of Malta). The airport is effectively equipped with ATMs, access to the internet, great features and a Malta Tourist Information Office. A shuttle support can be acquired to and from Valletta.

    Minimal Crime Charge

    In comparison to different American places, Malta has a considerably reduced crime rate. Of course, regardless of where you are, it is always wise to workout some degree of caution.

    Malta Currency

    Up to a couple of years before, the Maltese Lira was the area currency. But, in January 2008 Malta followed the Euro, which makes it very advantageous and convenient for guests on a Western trip.

    ATMs are conveniently situated in all the key neighborhoods on the Maltese islands. Visa, MasterCard and Amex cards are recognized in many lodges, restaurants and shops.


    The offer on the Maltese islands is 240V and plugs are three-pin.

    Web Accessibility

    Malta is properly linked and all important accommodations and journey organisations have a website. You can also discover numerous internet restaurants throughout the islands. Top-end lodges are also giving wi-fi locations lately. That tendency is claimed to increase since more and more visitors are demanding these services.


    As regards to tipping, Malta is very similar to mainland Europe, in the sense that showing is not generally estimated, but is appreciated.

    Pictures & Movie

    Don't worry in the event that you run out of film. Print film, camcorder cassettes and equipment can easily be acquired from the many final shops spread across the main towns. Printing picture is also available at important accommodations and souvenir shops.


    The Maltese travel on the remaining and rate limits are 80km/hr on highways and 50km/hr in downtown areas. Guests frequently comment that many of local drivers appear to ignore simple path rules in Malta and that is fairly true. So if you are driving in Malta, be extra careful and be ready for individuals overtaking on the inside or refusing to provide way at junctions, among different things. Some roads have been in a bad issue compared to Western standards ergo making operating in Malta a tiny nightmare sometimes.