I think the reason PvP is dead

  • Its Because the PvP Community is one of the absolutely toxic I've ever noticed RuneScape gold. Should you lose, you. If you conquer them, you are either a cheater or a food chugging carebear (regardless when they were ingesting too or not). And that if you actually manage to come across Solo PvPers. The huge majority appear to run around dismissing each other but going after the groups or solo RuneScape players. When an Update comes together that tries to balance out things its riots nowadays, for more people, or either threatens their Edge. And we wonder why Jagex stopped trying to make anything.

    I think the reason PvP is dead is because theres no learning curve. You've lost all of it Should you die, and it's a pain in the ass to get your things back. If, for instance, you'd"generic pvp equipment" you could easily purchase for such as, 100k, I am convinced people would take action. But atm you fork out possibly a million gp possibly lose it spend 30 minutes and repeat. Why would I want to do this? To the man that delivered me a message calling me an oxygen thief and got triggered by my own opinion, welcome to the net. I can see the OP and I got similar messages. To Pkers, if you want to Pk, trendy, hope you've got fun. I still think its hard to perform.

    This is only one of the reasons. I could know if armor just awakened, and also the victor got some gp or compensation, but if you reverse your statement around"Why would I wish to hurt someone, AND put them back" Makes me feel bad honestly, and I dont PvP in all.We should create pvp about bounties and dueling instead of losing essentially everything. There might be a couple of options of a bounty you can put in your head. The more you set for yourself, the more people you can potentially kill (as you can only kill people equivalent and below your bounty. The people of bounties create up to their bounty should they succeed the kill and can retaliate.

    Example: I will kill people, if I put a bounty that is 10m. I kill him, and if cheap OSRS gold using a 25m bounty strikes me, I just get 10m. This ought to prevent abuse and permit folks to risk. When they die, they simply lose up to they set to get themselves.PK'ers in RS3 are not real PKers. They're just a lot of low IQ 14 year olds thinking they are gangsta af. The other day I had some kid rage at me cause I disagreed w/ him of RS3 combat and PvP.