Golden triangle tour 4 days | Golden triangle tour

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    The plan was that we might use Dubai as our stepping stone to succeed in India. And Naty's sister Tati, who may be a very spiritual person and likes to travel, joined us too. We'd travel the Golden Triangle Tour 4 Days and have an experience of a lifetime visiting Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. one among the opposite goodies about our trip was that it coincided with the cool climate of winter, which I read is far preferred to the smoldering summer heat India experiences almost year round. The mornings were quite cold, but it'd get on the brink of 80 degrees Fahrenheit within the afternoon. Before our trip, we kept in-tuned with our tour operator online via emails, and by February we were able to attend India. Nevertheless, our enthusiasm to experience India never waned, and only intensified the more we were there. We received the New Delhi Airport, and our guide picked us up during a tour van.


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