Use a VPN to access BBC iPlayer from outside of the UK

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    The BBC iPlayer is a fantastic resource, offering a wealth of content from its numerous channels and radio stations to users. It’s a great way to not only catch up on the shows you’ve missed but also explore archived content which might not be broadcast any more. Unfortunately, it’s only available to users in the UK and subscribers in Europe (the BBC iPlayer Global costs £5 a month). US viewers are unable to use iPlayer can watch the BBC America channel, which shows programmes such as Doctor Who, Atlantis and Torchwood.

    But what if you live outside of the UK and want to watch your favourite BBC programmes? Try accessing it and you might get a warning saying something like “Sorry, this content is unavailable in your area”. Your IP address lets them know you’re not a UK user and access is immediately blocked.

    The best way to unblock iPlayer is by using a VPN Master by VeePN. A VPN, put simply, is a private network delivered across a public network such as the internet. They are incredibly secure and offer great levels of protection to users. You get access to anonymous UK IP addresses, letting you watch content without any problems. Here you can find out about the correct choice of VPN