How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with Easy Step

  • Storage is the most important feature in the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch why? Because in this storage store our data like memorable photos, videos, messages, step-up of accessories setting and so on. But in case you lose your storage data? So what would you do? So you will keep a backup on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touches so that your data will save.  If you miss your data or lose your data Backup will help you to recover it easily?

    What is the role of backup?

    Backup is very helpful for a user because it helps us and gives many benefits like it saves your important data, images, iMessages and texts, HomeKit configurations, app data, setting for device and your visual passcode and more. Mostly your images and videos only backed up because the option is enabled but if it’s not enabling in iCloud Photo Library then you can on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

    1. How to back up with iCloud


    If you using iCloud as a backup for your Apple iPhone or iPad that’s a great idea. Through this, you will have the option of Backup anywhere with the best internet connection. Below we shared How to back up with iCloud step by step.

    1. First check your device is connect to a Wi-Fi network to start.
    2. Second Go to Settings of your device > [your login name], and then tap on iCloud.

    How to back up with iCloud

    • Now Tap on iCloud Backup option

    How to back-up with iCloud

    • The last step Tap for Back up now and check you connected to your Wi-Fi network between the processes for Back up.

    Now your hand can check the progress and the confirmation of the backup completed on your device.  You just follow the steps Go to Settings for your device > [your Login name] > then iCloud > and now iCloud Backup. And you know what you will also see the date and time as well your first and backup under the Backup Now. But you did not understand then get support on apple customer service phone number (+1)855-516-8225 where our apple customer service expert will assist you and resolve your issues remotely which you're facing.

    Automatically back up with iCloud Backup on your device.

    If you want the backup automatically work your every day, below we shared the What will you do to achieve it.

    1. First, you make sure that your device setting is turned on in iCloud Backup > [your Login name] > then iCloud > and Last on iCloud Backup.
    2. Second, connect to a power source your Device.
    3. Then connect to a high-speed Wi-Fi network.
    4. And make sure that the device's display screen is locked.
    5. Now you will check your device that you have space in iCloud for the backup of your device data. Why? Because when you sign in to your device iCloud, you already get 5GB iCloud storage for free. But in case you get more space so that you have to buy on Apple Paid Plans.

    We hope you guys understand all these steps that we have shared here, in simple steps But you might not understand all these steps so you don't our 24x7 apple support number (+1)855-516-8225 and get assistance through our well-experienced apple support members who always available at your service any place and time.

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