Why Indian Students Prefer Singapore For MBA Education

  • Singapore has become an education hub due to several quality institutions. Students from all over the world travel every year to Singapore to pursue higher education. Singapore offers a variety of courses to students but, MBA course has gained the maximum popularity among Indian students in Singapore. Masters of Business Administration has come into the lime-light because of its curriculum which is a unique combination of knowledge and experience dividing the course into two segments theory and practical. An MBA degree in Singapore focuses on developing the managerial skills of a student and trains a student to implement the latest business trends. This training is given to students with the help of various multimedia tools.

    Today we are going to discuss the reasons why Indians prefer to take up an MBA course in Singapore.

    Life In Singapore For Indian Students

    Singapore is a cosmopolitan city and education in Singapore is a dream for most students who want to pursue a career in management. Singapore offers one of the best MBA courses to International students. The living cost in Singapore is relatively high but it can easily be monitored by applying for education grants and taking up a part-time job to deal with the expenses. Apart from this students are actively involved into a lot of practical exercises during the tenure of the course which helps them gather a lot of work experience and cultural holidays and communities of like-minded people do not make students feel home-sick even if they are staying miles away.

    Benefits Of Studying MBA In Singapore

    • Students pursuing MBA from Singapore have higher and better employability chances. 
    • They not only offer students with a variety of subjects to chose from but they also offer different modes of teaching. They offer regular classroom programs, distance education programs, fast-track and online learning programs. Students can also avail online assignment help from professionals for any kind of guidance in their assignments.
    • Many Indian students get into a part-time job while pursuing their higher education. This not only helps them become independent but also provides work experience which is a mandatory criterion for admission in a MBA course in Singapore. Although this varies as per universities.
    • There are different scholarship programs which are awarded to deserving students by the Singapore Government.

    For example there is “Central Sector Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship” This scholarship is designed to give financial aid to students who wish to take up a Masters Program in Singapore. This scholarship is awarded to 100 students every year.

    • Go Clean is another scholarship which applies to students pursuing MBA in Singapore. Based on merit students are given to write an article on “How can they keep the environment clean” The length of the article is 500 to 750 words. This is a $3500 worth scholarship provided once in a year. Students can take help from instant essay writer available online to seek guidance if they are heading for this scholarship.
    • The financial sumo educational scholarship program is a scholarship designed to unburden themselves of the college fees. There are many other scholarship programs which help students sail through the difficult academic years in Singapore and carve their way out. Singapore Government understands the financial constraints of a student and makes sure that financial hang-ups do not stop students from pursuing their dreams. Students can also take online essay help from professionals who give them constant support through a strong customer support team.
    • Government encourages budding entrepreneurs to study management in Singapore by offering them to provide funding for start-up hubs or businesses. 
    • MBA programs in Singapore have tenure of twelve to eighteen months. And, is quite expensive. Students come from all kinds of financial background to pursue higher education. Looking at the financial limitations of students the universities offer students with paid internship programs. Which not only help them get an overview of the grater picture but also fetches them the money so they can afford the courses. Students take help from assignment writer who assist them in writing their assignments at highly affordable rates.
    • Student life in Singapore is quite hectic. Students actively participate in extra-curricular activities along with their regular classes. Regional holidays, communities and a warm environment make students feel at home even if they are sitting miles apart.
    • The MBA curriculum in Singapore focuses on business models, business development, trends and leadership qualities from an Asian perspective.
    • All aspects in the society are digitally integrated which has led to a boom in technological development.
    • The ecosystem of Singapore is highly beneficial for students who are looking forward to launch their independent business ventures by pursuing MBA.
    • Students go through modules like new venture creation, strategic foresight, and social entrepreneurship while specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship.   
    • Universities like NUS, Nanyang, and SMU have joint hands and went into a joint venture giving management students pursuing MBA in Singapore an opportunity to turn their product Ideas into Business plans.
    • Singapore Universities allows students pursuing MBA to learn from what they do best by combining the experimental learning components in the curriculum. MBA students are free to work in start-ups which are often government funded, they are made to attend workshops, and sent on internships to work on consulting projects to gain experience.


    Thus, we can say that Living and staying in Singapore is not cheap and it does become hectic due to the standards but students especially Indians are fond of taking up an MBA course in Singapore because of the following reasons-

    • Online essay writer guide students and prepare them for IELTS/TOEFL entrance examinations increasing their chances of getting admissions in Singapore Universities to pursue MBA.
    • Indian students often receive an institutional grant that sets off the heavy tuition fees.
    • Scholarship programs like Broker-Fish International Scholarship, Global Study Awards, Go Clean Scholarship, Central Scheme of National Overseas Scholarship and the Financial Sumo Educational Scholarship Program helps students from all financial backgrounds afford a course in Singapore despite its expenses.
    • Internship programs offered by MBA institutions in Singapore help them get a lot of exposure.
    • Students can take up a part-time job of 16 hours a week and a full-time job during their vacations to make themselves financially independent.
    • Indian students get to mingle with international students because of the cosmopolitan culture. This helps them know more about what has been happening all over the world and also gives them ample exposure.
    • Asian students get the opportunity to dive into both Asian and the Global Market.

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