Subway Surfers A Comprehensive Guide To Know

  • When it comes to Subway Surfers then there are lots of classic objects, funny items and many more things come to the mind.

    The particular game is launched by SYBO Games for android and ios, it is counted under the gaming category of arcade.


    The same game contains ads that occur when the game is connected to the internet.


    Not only is this, Subway Surfers provides the users with lots of classic features that make it an impressive arcade game.

    The main features of the game are described below that all users should learn before playing it from and also some fo them from below.


    • In-app purchases – the game provides the users an in-app purchases feature. With the help of it, they simply become able to buy anything using their real-life money like currency, rewards and items.


    • Graphics – the particular game offers its users with full HD graphics and also a great sound system and effects that make everything good while playing.


    Like these features, there are plenty of amazing features present in Subway Surfers. The more players should learn them, the easier they go ahead in it while playing.


    2 types of in-game currency


    Well, in Subway Surfers there are mainly 2 types of in-game currency present. The first one is in the form of coins and another is keys.


    It is significant for the gamers to earn them both in huge amount as to perform all essential tasks and activities in Subway Surfers.


    To earn a good amount of keys or coins, gamers need to achieve all their objectives and try to make high score every time they play the game.


    It is the only way to go ahead into Subway Surfers and also in the same way, players get a good playing experience. They also have to collect power-ups or rewards to make high score quicker and easier than before.