How to increase views on YouTube and tips

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    YouTube videos can bring their owners profit from viewing ads. It is necessary to match the number of visitors for a certain period. To achieve this rule, you should order boost youtube views.


    Carrying out this procedure may carry the risks of removing content and banning the user. Service systems track the artificial rise in popularity, consider this method illegal, not in line with the video hosting rule.

    The main rule is gradualness and relative uniformity. That is, the number of views, likes should not increase at once, it is better to distribute actions over a certain period.
    The second factor is the match between the number of views and subscribers. It may be in a certain proportion, the tendency to change over time, however, the growth of likes and views without an increase in subscribers, and vice versa, is always suspicious. An important factor is the cheating of views from real users who have regular activity on the service.

    It is better to start promotion on your own, watching the video daily, offering the same to your friends and acquaintances.


    Among the main options for increasing views are the following:

    1. Creating interesting content. In this case, users will watch themselves, distribute links to other resources, making the video "viral". This is the most effective way, it does not cause blocking, it allows you to get millions of visits in a short time.
    2. Turn to the services of special exchanges and services that offer views from real users or bots for a fee. This is a useful method for beginner bloggers who do not have a reputation and a subscriber base.
    3. Distribution of the link to the video in other social networks, posting it on your website, external resources. This is a simple option that does not require financial costs, but you need to regularly update links, remind them of their existence, and advertise your channel on YouTube.

    You need to wind up views in a complex way, one channel for attracting viewers will not give the same effect as many ways.

    It is also necessary to regularly replenish the content in order to attract more subscribers, it is this audience that most often watches videos.

    The main way to cheat was and remains the content of the video. The quality of shooting, an interesting plot, good soundtrack - these are the main factors for increasing YouTube views.