Who are The Most Famous Bollywood Actresses 2020

  • Not only Bollywood actors but our famous Bollywood actresses also were just screen charmers. Though they are beautiful; at the same, they are also very talented, hardworking, popular and successful. All this has led to the changed scenario where earlier they were paid very less as compared to male actors. Now, as they have brightened the Hindi cinema screen with their presence they are happily paid massive amounts for their screen presence, sometimes, even paid more than their male counterparts. And, as every other heroine has been doing so well in today’s time, I am sure you want to know about the topmost famous Bollywood actress. Isn’t it!


    So, for all of you, here is a look at the 5 current famous Bollywood actresses, who rank high on the popularity charts in the year 2020: 


    1. Kangana Ranaut:  She wowed the audience and critics with her superb and incredible performances. She ‘the self-made start’ always tries to challenge the orthodox film customs which still prevalent with her unique and interesting film characters and because of that only she has become a very famous and popular Bollywood actress nowadays. Not only that, but her unique hairstyle also become a fashion statement.  With having so many memorable films and national awards to her account; she is now in the list of top-paid actresses of Bollywood, she used to charge around 27 crores per film. 


    1. Deepika Padukone: Being one of the most admired and successful actresses of her generation, Deepika the epitome of ‘Beauty’ which is considered by many people of this era as their ‘Dream Girl’. Not only for her beauty but for her incredible performances as well, she marked a place in the hearts of audiences. Also, she becomes the first Bollywood actress to list on the 5th number of Forbes India’s 100th Celebrity list.  So, there will be nothing to be surprised about the fact that she is the second-highest-paid actress in Bollywood who charges not less than 26 crores per film.


    1. Alia Bhatt: She has proved herself as the best product of ‘Nepotism’. Born in the Bhatt family, Alia is the youngest and talented actress of Bollywood. She has been relentlessly delivering back to back successful and blockbuster movies and for that, she also gets many awards like Filmfare award and stardust award, etc. Being so successful in this small age, it is said that, Alia charges 22 Crores for her each film.


    1. Priyanka Chopra: Priyanka is not just a Bollywood actress but also the Miss World, Fashionista, philanthropist and film producer also. This Indian beauty is considered among the top famous Bollywood celebrities, who always stand tall amongst her contemporaries. She even marked her presence in the Hollywood industry. Now, without a doubt, she is therefore listed as the fourth-highest-paid Bollywood actress who charges 21 crores per film.

          5. Kareena Kapoor: 
    The natural beauty, Kareena Kapoor always proved herself to be one of the industry's top-rated actresses. With her impressive performances, she marked              her presence feel for nearly 2 decades and continues to do so. Being the granddaughter of the legendary start ‘Raj Kapoor’. She always concentrated and focused on her                       work and  therefore is the popular choice of many directors. And with having acting in her blood she used to charge 20 crores for her each film.