How to Write a Narrative Essay - Step By Step

  • Writing a narrative essay might sound like a difficult task, but it can be made easy if you follow proper steps.

    Carefully Choose Your Topic

    The first step for any piece of writing is to pick an interesting topic. Since a narrative essay is based on your personal narrative, pick a topic where you can talk about your own experiences.

    Go Through Sample Essays

    Going through sample essays is a good opportunity to learn about the essay structure and the different writing styles to express yourself.

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    Create an Outline or Structure

     If you expect to write the entire essay in one go, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The logical approach for writing an essay is, to begin with a draft. This will help you organize the information easily without missing out on relevant details or adding extra information.

    Having an outline gives you a rough idea of what the essay will look like, and you can perfect it as you go. Even the expert writers don’t begin writing before sketching out an outline.

    A narrative essay outline is made up of the following elements:

    •         Introduction
    •         Thesis statement
    •         Body paragraphs
    •         Concluding paragraph

    Don’t Forget to Add Storyline Elements

    A narrative essay is similar to a short story. Thus you need to make them engaging and exciting for the reader. To do that, make sure that you include elements such as a vivid plot, setting, characters, themes and background to your essay.

    Provide Supporting Evidence to Prove Your Point

    Typically a narrative essay is based on your thoughts and beliefs and you don’t need to back them up with proof. However, if you’re making an argument or an unusual statement, then you must provide facts and examples to prove your point. Don’t forget to cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism.

    Make Proper Use of Vocabulary

    In order to convey your message and thoughts effectively, you must use the most appropriate words. There is no need to use fancy jargons, the simpler your essay, the easier it is to read and understand.

    Proofread and Edit Your Essay

    Never submit your essay without revising it first; a lot of mistakes can go unnoticed. You can also get a friend or a family member to give it a read and see if they don’t understand something.

    Follow these steps to impress your teacher with an engaging and impressive essay writer.