Brass Handles- Why can They be Ideal Cabinet Pulls?

  • The Choice of kitchen cabinet knobs and pulls and handles is important not only for their functional uses but also for how they look in shapes, designs, colors and finish. Brass, the most used in home hardware for making kitchen cabinet knobs has been very popular for rendering elegance and homely feel. Disregarding opting for quality cabinet pulls can result in an interior disaster and thus, few recommendations on why you should opt for these must be kept in mind.

    • Beautiful Colors

    Brass knobs are not only available in gold colors but are also available in many other beautiful colors ranging from golden tones to dark and near dark shades.

    • Variety in Design

    Brass as a metal has good malleable properties and thus provides the manufacturer’s an opportunity for manufacturing knobs and handles of a beautiful range of colors and designs. That is the reason a visit to a good hardware store can leave customers gaping in awe by having a look at knobs and handles on display there. In addition to color and design range, these knobs have excellent finish and facilitate customers to choose a product of their liking. 

    • Flexibility

    Brass knobs could be your ideal choice to install on any cabinets, modern or antique. This is for reasons that these knobs match with any furniture because of their unique coloring, appearance and finish.

    • Durability

    Not only brass knobs are beautiful but are toughest handles out there in the market. Brass as a base material for manufacture, makes these knobs less likely to damage because of normal wear and tear, but resistant to warping and tarnishing as well.

    • Low maintenance

    Low maintenance is probably one of the best features of brass knobs and handles. Brass knobs can be cleaned with even soapy water using a soft rag easily as and when these get dirty. Regular cleaning with soap helps avoid stains and maintain a good appearance.

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