How to Connect Alexa To WiFi and Setup Echo Dot?

  • There are number of things that you can do with Amazon’s connected speakers, and a lot of things can actually become a part of your daily routine. Amazon’s Alexa setup service is something that you can totally rely on for all aspect to the connected home and to get the most out of this you will have to start by setting it up perfectly out of the box.

     Connecting the Echo with Alexa app

    While you don’t require your phone to do much with the Echo once it set up, you will need the app to get there. Installing the Alexa app from the Play Store is the first set up and maintenance process. So you need to download Alexa app. While its installing, connect it the power supply to the post and wait for it to start speaking to you. When the app is opened for the first time you will be asked to sign in to your registered Amazon account, and then its time to connect the Echo.

    You will have to connect the Amazon Echo directly to the speaker from your Smartphone to connect alexa to WiFi network. This process begins with an orange ring on the top of the device to let you know that is now ready to connect. Once the device is plug in and seen an orange ring, you can now get started with the set up.

    • From the home screen or app drawer open the app “Amazon Alexa”
    • Now just sign in to your Amazon account
    • Choose the horizonal bars after signing in. You can spot that on the left corners of the screen.
    • Click “Add Device”
    • Choose from the list “Amazon Echo”
    • Now choose “Echo Device” you will be setting up
    • Now choose the device’s generation
    • Toggle Bluetooth to enable the phone to search the device
    • Now from the list choose the device
    • Choose the WiFi network that needs to be used by the device
    • Choose “Continue” once the device is connected to the Wi -Fi network
    • Now customize it
    • If you wish to connect Alexa to Wifi to an external speaker, you will have to choose the output here. Or else, just pick the built – in speaker option.
    • Now choose the room, which comes handy when setting up routines
    • Go through the intro video to get an in- depth rundown of the platform
    • Voila! Click “Next” to finish the Echo Dot set up.

     These are basics for Echo Dot setup, but there are also loads of other things you can do that are simply fin. For beginners, there’s a whole section labelled “Skills and Games”, remember to check them as well. These are basically 3rd party apps that can also be installed on the device.

    Routines are another excellent way to get to know the device. You can control light, set up group of activities and flash briefing reads, to be prompted when asked for activation of morning and evening routines.