A Guide to Acquiring an ESA Letter For Housing

  • An Emotional Support Animal, ESA in short, is an animal that provides you with emotional support and gives you company. Shifting to a new neighborhood is hard, especially when you are stressed, emotionally broken or having some sort of psychological disorder. No matter how much you need your animal, finding a housing is super hard when you have an ESA with you. This is where you need an ESA letter for housing. 


    Not everyone can get an ESA letter, you have to qualify to get an ESA letter. Now the question is, who qualifies? 


    People under treatment for these disorders qualify for an ESA letter.

    • Acute Stress Disorder (ASD)

    • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

    • Motor Skills Disorder (MSD)

    • Cognitive Disorder

    • Separation Anxiety

    • Insomnia

    • Phobia

    • Panic Attacks

    • Bipolar Disorder

    And many more.

    How to Get an ESA Letter for Housing? 

    Now as you have qualified for an ESA letter, and you already have a pet. All you need is an ESA Letter, but the question is how? 


    You can ask your doctor or psychiatrist to write you an ESA letter and sign it or you can avail the same service online from an authentic company that provides an ESA letter for housing. 


    Keep this in mind that only certified health practitioners can write you this type of letter. When working with an online source, make sure that you ask them for an emotional support animal letter sample to check and see if they add all the needed details in it.


    There are Fake ESA Letters Also

    Not all ESA letters are genuine. Since more people are applying to get an emotional support animal now, there has been an increase in the fake ESA letters. Good news is that you can spot a fake letter easily. Just be diligent and have complete information at hand.


    Who Can Write An ESA For You?

    A Licensed Mental Health Professional can help you out with your letter. Because only licensed practitioners are eligible to write and sign an ESA letter, a medical or any other type of doctor is not eligible for it. An ESA is issued only to people who are stressed, suffering from anxiety or any other sort of mental disorder and this is why there is a complete screening test to make sure that only the needed get the help also get your esa letter for housing first.