How to Talk to Men - Flirt With Confidence

  • Do you lose your nerve when you try to talk to men? Would you like to be able to flirt with new guys? How do you keep your poise when meeting someone new? Meeting new people can bring out the shy half of everyone, but the following tips will help you talk to men in a natural way.

    Tip #1 - Make eye contact and smile.

    If you are hesitant to approach a guy, you can signal your interest with eye contact. Hold your gaze just a split second after you catch his eye, and start a hint of a smile. Don't stare in a creepy way! Look away, and then look back again. If he's interested, he'll find a way to talk to you.

    Tip #2 - Let him take the lead.

    If you don't know what to say, don't make the mistake of talking too much without thinking i'm afraid to talk to men. If he asks you an open-ended question, go ahead and give an answer of a few sentences. If his question requires a yes-or-no response, ask him the same question back.

    Tip #3 - Be a good listener.

    Sometimes it's not about what you say when you talk to men; it's about what you let them say. Show your interest. Ask questions. Stay away from hot-button topics, like income, exes, politics, and religion, but don't be afraid to draw him out about what interests him.

    Tip #4 - Don't be afraid to be a little off-color.

    Be careful-you don't want to come across as raunchy, tasteless, tacky, or bitchy. But, if you slyly slip in a funny remark or question, he will see a glimmer of personality that might intrigue him.

    Talking to someone new can make the most confident person tongue-tied. But, if you remember to be polite, show some interest in him, and let some personality shine through, you'll make it through that awkward meeting. Then you can talk to men that you're dating, and not just meeting.

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