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Not to Do These Things during an Intercity Move

  • We have always suggest you some good tips and ideas to pack and move your house. But, this time we are going to tell you the important things that you should never do during an intercity relocation. So, here’s know the things not to do during an intercity move: -

    Make the full-payment before the belongings are unloaded

    A reliable moving agency will take the final payment only after delivering the consignment at the designated address. Once you will verify the goods and give the report to the mover then you can make the full payment. If you your mover is asking to make the payment before delivery of the consignment and are in hurry then you should immediately check your belongings and pay only when you are satisfied. This way you can report the mover is something is missing or anything is damaged.

    Signing the agreement without understanding the terms and conditions

    Moving agencies prepare the agreement once you will finalize the deal. They will give you the receipt of the amount you have paid as advance money and will ask you to sign the agreement. Most of the people sign the agreement without reading it and understanding the terms and conditions that what does it says, and later regrets when the movers demand for extra fees during the move. You should not do this and in fact read the agreement carefully. If there’s something that you don’t understand then ask your movers and apart from these ask some other important questions as well. Consult the supervisor or the manager and clear all your doubts.

    Leaving your valuables with the movers

    Of course, the movers can pack and move everything, but this doesn’t mean you would hand-over your expensive items to them. There are few things like laptop, jewelries, documents, etc. that should be packed and moved by yourself. Though they are reliable and trustworthy yet, you should never ever handover your expensive goods to the movers.

    Packers and movers are making the inventory list

    Well, most of the packers and movers provide their customers the inventory list, but the customers should prepare one by themselves. The inventory list helps you to keep the record of the goods that are transporting by the movers. With this you can check if something is missing while unloading the goods from the truck.

    These are the things you should not do during an intercity move that too with packers and movers. If you will follow these tips then, you can make your move easy, safe and hassle-free experience for you.

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