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    I glad to be an Albertan this week. I glad to be an Albertan every week, of course, but this week, especially.The government recently released a draft of its new K 4 curriculum. It will not be a perfect curriculum, but it will be newer than the old version currently being taught parts of which are 30 years old. And I grateful for that.

    A 30 year old curriculum is almost as old as I am. Certainly it the one I would have learned if I grew up here in Alberta, and that troubling. Thirty years ago was before the internet changed the world. Before cellphones. Before same sex couples could marry. Thirty years ago was before the last residential school was closed. Thirty years ago the movie Working Girl came out. You get my point. The world has changed more in the last 30 years than in possibly any other 30 year period.

    This past summer, Ontario Premier Doug Ford decided to vanquish the Liberal government updated sex ed curriculum, sending students and teachers back to the year 1998 playing to the parts of his base who did not want their children learning about masturbation or gender or consent.

    To the parents who think they can shield kids from such concepts, good luck. To the ones who rather teach them at home, I can definitely understand that.But some parents simply won Some lack the knowledge, others the desire. Some kidswould prefer to learn it from the teacher, full stop. No matter how woke, open, and cool their parents think they are.

    Thoughtful criticism from the opposition would be welcome. But as a parent I ask him (if elected) not to burn the whole thing down. I pleased my kids will be among the first to experience the new curriculum, while it still relevant especially if it takes another three decades for a refresh.As for me, I still holding my breath for the curriculum to include the experience of Alberta black pioneers among them the great, great grandparents of our three boys. I guess I have to wait for the next round.

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