The most effective weight loss exercise

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    Weight loss exercise plan at home
    Weight loss exercise is an important part of a weight loss plan. Designing an appropriate weight loss exercise plan requires a clear understanding of the concepts of diet and exercise intensity. For novices, weight loss exercise may be a bit difficult at first because the body needs time to adapt to the sudden increase in exercise. Exercise to lose weight is one of the most natural and effective ways to lose weight. If you want to lose weight successfully, you must pay attention to the following points:

    Control the daily caloric intake so that the body reaches a "calorie deficit" state, and achieve this goal through exercise.
    A weight loss exercise plan must include weight training to avoid muscle loss during the weight loss process and to help break through the exercise plateau.
    A weight loss exercise plan should include aerobic exercise or HIIT weight loss exercise to help burn calories.
    The following is fat loss knowledge for weight loss exercises:

    Must-read fat loss exercise menu
    Fat Burning Equation: Burn 7,000 calories to lose 1 pound of fat. Weight training can burn approximately 300 to 500 calories per hour. Generally speaking, to lose 1 pound of fat (depending on exercise intensity and diet plan), a bodybuilder needs to train for 2 to 3 weeks, plus a diet plan. The calculation is as follows:

    Workout 4 days a week: 400 calories burned daily x 4 days = 1,600 calories
    4 days a week diet: minus 500 calories daily x 4 days = 2,000 calories
    Calories lost per week: 1,600 calories + 2,000 calories = 3,600 calories
    Rest days are very important for weight loss exercise. You must arrange at least one rest day every week. Using heavy training to lose weight can help you lose weight, improve your health, and promote your body's metabolism. Among all weight loss methods, aerobic exercise and HIIT training are the two main forms of weight loss exercise.
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    The importance of exercise time for weight loss
    Time control of exercise for weight loss is a key factor. If you perform aerobic exercise for weight loss, the exercise must last for at least 20 minutes and control the exercise time within 45 minutes. Otherwise, the body will have a chance to break down protein or muscle. Continuous exercise for 20-45 minutes is Prime time to burn fat.

    The following explains different weight loss exercise times. The body will have three different energy systems to cope with exercise needs.

    ATP energy system: to meet the needs of exercise that lasts about ten seconds, mainly explosive exercise

    Lactic acid system: Exercise lasts for about ten seconds to 2 minutes. It mainly provides energy through blood sugar and glycogen in the muscles to meet the needs of exercise. After exercise, a large amount of lactic acid will accumulate in the muscles.

    Aerobic system: Exercise lasts for 2 minutes or more. In the first 20 minutes, energy is mainly provided by glycogen and carbohydrates. If exercise continues for 20-45 minutes, energy is mainly provided by fat.

    Weight loss exercise-aerobic exercise
    Aerobic exercise refers to rapid, rhythmic exercise that increases heart rate and breathing rate. This type of exercise helps burn fat, improve cardiopulmonary function, and improve blood circulation. Continuous aerobic exercise has a more significant effect on burning fat, so it is recommended to exercise for 30-45 minutes each time. Common cellulite-busting aerobic exercises include jogging, jumping rope, and climbing stairs. It is recommended that the target heart rate for fat-reducing exercise be kept between 60-70% of the maximum heart rate, which can be determined by the following simple calculation formula:

    220-age x (60%-70%) = target heart rate for fat-reducing exercise

    Jogging, cycling, etc. are all aerobic exercises

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    Recommended weight loss exercise-HIIT weight loss exercise
    HIIT is the fastest way to lose fat
    HIIT fat loss exercise, whose full name is High-intensity Interval Training, is a very popular type of extreme fat loss exercise training recently. Different from aerobic exercise, this training method requires multiple sets of high-intensity training and is combined with different lengths of recovery time. This special HIIT fitness method requires a shorter time and is very effective for fat loss while reducing muscle loss. The training time only takes 20 minutes, which can consume 400-500 calories, and has AfterBurn ability, which can increase metabolism 12-24 hours after exercise, thereby burning body fat.

    Weight loss exercise time control
    The golden 40 seconds to lose weight. HIIT weight loss exercise is a very popular training method, especially for people who want to lose weight. The most common one is the golden 40-second training, which is characterized by repeated high-intensity movements for 40 seconds, followed by 10-20 seconds of intermittent rest, and repeated many times to achieve the purpose of exercise and weight loss. For example, you could do a 40-second sprint, then take a short rest of 20 seconds, then do another 40-second sprint, and so on. This kind of training can increase the body's metabolism and achieve the effect of burning fat. However, it should be noted that because the exercise is relatively strenuous, HIIT is not suitable for novice exercisers.

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    HIIT fat loss training VS aerobic exercise for fat loss

    Fat loss exercise-HIIT training
    HIIT weight loss exercise is a type of high-intensity interval training. Each training session involves 40 seconds of high-intensity exercise, followed by 10-20 seconds of intermittent rest, and this training cycle is repeated multiple times. For example, sprint for 40 seconds, rest briefly for 20 seconds, sprint again, and repeat the cycle multiple times.

    HIIT weight loss exercise has the following characteristics
    The exercise time is short and the training intensity is high. High-intensity interval training can increase the body's metabolism within 72 hours after exercise and promote the body's afterburning effect of burning fat, thereby achieving the purpose of exercise weight loss. However, because the exercise process is relatively strenuous, it is not suitable for novice exercisers.

    Compared with aerobic exercise, HIIT fat loss exercise can burn calories more quickly. 400-500 calories can be consumed after 20 minutes of continuous exercise. HIIT can increase metabolism and automatically burn fat 12-24 hours after exercise. Compared with aerobic exercise, HIIT fat loss exercise lasts shorter time, the exercise combination can be freely matched, the exercise changes greatly, and the movements can be adjusted according to personal ability to reduce the chance of muscle loss during continuous exercise.

    In order to achieve better fat-reducing effects, it is necessary to increase the heart rate and increase exercise intensity as much as possible. HIIT weight loss exercise is suitable for those who already have a foundation in exercise, or who are accompanied by a coach to perform exercises. Compared with aerobic exercise, HIIT fat loss exercise can achieve fat loss more quickly, reduce muscle loss, and can be freely matched with exercise combinations to reduce the plateau period of exercise.

    Tabata weight loss exercise training
    Tabata Effects and Precautions

    Tabata is a high-intensity interval weight loss exercise training program invented by Izumi Tabata, a professor at Tokyo University of Physical Training in Japan. The entire weight loss exercise process only takes about 4 minutes. The training content includes 20 seconds of high-intensity exercise for each group, followed by a 10-second rest, repeated 8 times in a row. This training method can achieve high-intensity training in a short period of time, increase metabolism and consume calories, and help reduce fat and shape. -Tabata beginners note

    Tabata weight loss exercise training can be difficult for beginners, so there are a few things to note:

    Warm-up exercises are necessary to avoid sports injuries.
    It is recommended to choose body weight training to reduce pressure on joints.
    Avoid training before or within 1 hour of eating.
    To effectively achieve weight loss, it is recommended that the training intensity of Tabata weight loss exercise must reach 90-95% of your highest heart rate. The higher the heart rate, the better the body's After Burn effect will be. However, it should be noted that the training intensity should not exceed personal tolerance. It is recommended to conduct it under the guidance of experienced athletes or coaches.

    Key points of Tabata weight loss exercise training:

    Choosing appropriate training movements and conducting targeted training on muscles in certain parts of the body can effectively increase body curves.
    The training intensity is recommended to reach 90-95% of the target heart rate. The higher the heart rate, the more obvious the After Burn effect will be.
    In order to avoid injury, beginners should warm up properly first, try to choose training movements with their own body weight, and train 1 hour before or 1 hour after eating.
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    Recommended exercises for fat loss-Squat
    Lower body fat-reducing training exercise, this action can train about 60-65% of the body's muscle groups

    cellulite exercise
    body fat loss exercise
    Recommended exercises for losing fat at home
    Whole body fat loss exercise-Burpee
    Burpee is an extremely high-intensity exercise. 8-10 consecutive times can make you blush, and it does not require any training equipment.

    Whole body fat loss exercise
    Recommended fat loss exercise-High Knee
    High Knee is the first choice for fat loss exercise. It does not require any training equipment and can be completed with your own body weight.

    Fat loss exercise schedule
    Weight loss exercises at home
    Weight loss exercise is an easy and flexible method to do at home. We recommend at least three to four days per week for weight loss exercise. Here are some weight loss exercises suitable for home or indoors:

    Mountain Climb: This exercise effectively trains the core muscles, arms, back and abdominal muscles.
    Jump Rope: Jump rope is a simple yet challenging aerobic exercise that burns calories throughout the body.
    Squats: Squats train the muscles of your lower body, especially your thighs.
    Planks: Planks train your core and upper body muscles, especially your arms and back muscles.
    Sit-ups: This exercise is an effective exercise for your abdominal muscles, but be sure to use proper technique and form.
    weight loss exercise belly
    Recommended Action-Crunch

    It can help us lose belly fat and mainly train our abdominal muscles.

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    weight loss exercises at home
    Recommended action-Push Up

    Push Up is the main movement for upper body training for weight loss at home. It can effectively train chest muscles, triceps, shoulders, abdominal muscles, etc.

    Advanced Push up Variations Traditional Push up
    Essential tool for weight loss exercise at home-TRX (increase exercise intensity)

    Weight loss exercise requires sustained and sufficient exercise. If you want to increase exercise intensity, you can try adding some training tools. TRX is a training tool that is relatively easy to master, and the installation is very simple, so you can train at home.

    TRX is the abbreviation of Total Body Resistance Exercise. It was originally used by the U.S. Navy for training. Its principle is to improve the strength, stability and flexibility of the whole body muscles through body weight and suspension training, especially the core muscle group training effect is remarkable. . By adjusting the training angle and the length of the TRX, you can increase the difficulty and intensity of training.

    -TRX design

    The design of TRX is divided into four grip positions, including handle grip, hook handle, TRX converting to a single handle and adjusting the length clip hook.

    TRX fat loss
    TRX weight loss
    TRX cellulite
    TRX fat loss training benefits
    Reduce abdominal fat - Most of the TRX movements require balance and stability of the waist and abdomen, which can effectively consume abdominal fat.
    Sculpting muscle lines - TRX training is beneficial to improving muscle endurance and making muscles tighter.
    Convenient training - TRX only requires simple training equipment and can be trained anywhere, such as at home, in the park, etc.
    Strengthen the core muscles - TRX takes advantage of the unstable characteristics of suspension training. The training can shift the center of gravity to train the core muscles in different positions.
    Suitable for beginners - use your own body weight for training, no weight required during training, easy for beginners to master.

    Fat loss training exercises-TRX
    -TRX Squat
    Fat loss training exercises-TRX

    -TRX Overhead Back Extension

    Muscle-building and fat-reducing exercise-TRX action

    -TRX Bicep Curl

    Fat loss exercise at home私人健身教練
    Whole body fat loss exercise-TRX action

    -TRX Knee Tuck

    Fat loss exercise time
    Whole body fat loss exercise-TRX action

    -TRX Squat and Power Pull

    Fat loss with oxygen
    Muscle-building and fat-reducing exercise-TRX action

    -TRX Push Up

    Cellulite exercise time
    Muscle-building and fat-reducing exercise-TRX action

    -TRX One Leg Squat

    fat loss plan
    Things to note when training for TRX fat loss
    TRX fat loss training uses your own body weight to train and adjust the difficulty of movements through different body angles. During training, you must pay attention to tightening the waist and abdominal muscles to stabilize the body, and look at the TRX hook above. If you feel pressure on your wrist joints, you must stop training immediately and seek help from a personal trainer.

    Precautions for HIIT fat loss training
    HIIT fat loss training is a high-intensity exercise plan. It is important to choose training movements and movement combinations, and the training intensity must reach more than 85% of the heart rate to effectively reduce fat. Since everyone's physical condition is different, beginners or people with no exercise habits must complete training under the guidance of a fitness instructor. If you feel any discomfort during training, you must stop immediately and seek professional assistance.


    weight loss exercise diet
    Weight loss exercise and diet are a very important part of the weight loss exercise plan. Good eating habits are enough to improve the progress of the entire weight loss exercise plan. Here are some things to note about weight loss exercise diet:

    Eat small and frequent meals: Eat 5 meals a day, and it is recommended to eat small amounts of food every 3 hours.
    Control carbohydrate intake: Avoid eating high-sugar foods such as noodles and rice at night.
    Adopt an inverted triangle diet: eat a hearty breakfast and control your food intake at dinner.
    The correct order of eating: eat vegetables first, then meat, and lastly noodles, rice and other high-sugar foods.
    Replenish protein and carbohydrates: Replenish protein and carbohydrates within an hour after exercise.
    Pay attention to a balanced diet: consume enough protein and fiber at each meal.
    Choose low-glycemic index foods: Try to avoid refined foods.
    Pay attention to eating time: Make sure you have at least 20 minutes for each meal.
    Health Tips
    Key points of weight loss exercise menu - heavy training for weight loss
    Key points of the weight loss exercise menu - Weight training must be added to the weight loss exercise menu, which can sculpt the body's curves and help the body retain the largest muscles during fat loss and weight loss.

    If you have no idea about fitness training, it is recommended to find a fitness trainer for personal guidance to ensure your exercise safety and training progress.

    Note: Newbies to exercise should gradually increase the intensity of exercise. They must warm up adequately. To continue to effectively reduce fat, the training plan must be changed regularly to prevent the body from experiencing a "weight loss exercise stagnation period." Weight training skills require a lot of effort. It is recommended to start with fitness Accompanied by a coach!