4 Ways to work on Physical Intimacy Issues

  • Physical intimacy plays an important role in your marriage and ensures lasting marital bliss. However, it is common to suffer from physical incompatibility issues and many therapists address this during couples counselling. This may occur due to physiological reasons as well as certain circumstances that can be taken care of with concerted effort. Postnatal, most women complain of less sex drive but enjoying a fulfilling sex life with your spouse strengthens your marital bond for a lasting “faithful”’ relationship.

    A marriage union is meant to bring emotional and physical stability among the couples and their children but when it becomes loveless or “sexless”, the adults tend to drift away from one another. The increasing rate of divorce indicates how commitment to the marriage of institution is failing so easily, when you can rekindle your physical intimacy with compassion and genuine effort.


    1. Make time for sex within your busy schedule

    This is a common excuse for workaholic couples, but when you give priority to your relationship above everything else, you will make time for a quick hot session. Unlike a meeting that needs to be scheduled, you do not have time your intimacy. Just a quick hug and shirt sex-texting can set the stage for a hot session. Keep the spark live, do not let sheer exhaustion get in the way of building your sexual chemistry. Sexual hormones are very useful in fighting stress and can ensure good sleep.


    2. Privacy is key for Intimacy

    This is a common phenomenon with couples with small children but do not let them steal your intimacy. Do not make it a habit to allow them in your sheet and if they are already accustomed to this, make time for a short session outside your bedroom. This will also bring some adventure and help you in discovering new “avenues” for your “sexcapades”.

    Sharing your bed with someone other than your partner will give you less opportunities to cuddle, caress and enjoy your intimacy.


    3. Add elements of fantasy to sex life

    When sex becomes your routine chore, especially in the beginning years, it works wonders in building a strong emotional and physical bond. But as years go by, it becomes uninspiring and a burden for couples instead of being enjoyable. However, these are red flags in your marriage that must be dealt with mindfulness. Don’t our likes and dislikes change over the years?

    Fantasy is a great way of putting your bedroom life in place. Everyone has sexual fantasies through the growing years, it can be anything from exploring your sexuality in water or in the woods or making love to a custom sex doll. You need to put effort in trying new things and introduce new ways like role plays while seducing one another.


    4. Open communication about your sexual desires

    Mindful communication is key to your sex life. If you cannot listen to your partner and are not curious to know his needs, how will you work on your sex life to feel more fulfilling. It is a fact that, couples should be able to discuss openly and honestly about their wants, things that put them off, and even their dark fantasies.

    Watch a porn movie together will help you get over your inhibitions or a sex cam can help you vocalize your sexual desires if you or your couple are shy about their sexual feelings.

    Many people inhibit their desires, due to a lack of confidence. However, with age, there are bound to be physical changes in your body and when your spouse loves you deeply, and respects you in his/her life, do not let these little things bother you when you are set to rekindle passion in your life.