The beautiful garden party print in orange

  • The Thomas Paul pillows are made from 100% silk twill and are reminiscent of a great vintage scarf. The pattern mix of the silk twill collection embraces the feel of morocco tiles, retro flocked wallpaper, birds and flowers. Chic designs enrich any room and make a stylish and polished statement. The Thomas Paul Pillows are made from 100% silk twill. This contemporary pillow has printed front and solid color back. Invisible zipper closure and a 95/5 feather/down insert. Colors are burnt orange and off-white. Our coordinating products are Thomas Paul Flock Pillow – Red, Thomas Paul Flock Pillow – Black, and Thomas Paul Flock Pillow – Orange. Thomas Paul Pillow has fresh and contemporary feel with this graphic pillow by Thomas Paul. If only it was possible to sew all the Thomas Paul pillows together into a sofa. Thomas Paul pillows take inspiration from a step back into the past. Modern Silk is a 100% silk fabric, but is a bit heavier and has a soft, matte finish.

    The beautiful garden party print in orange and ivory by Thomas Paul. This piece is simple, retro and provides a great spin on flock. Use to compliment and lift wood accent pieces in your home. The Flock silk pillow is living in any room with decorative pillows from Nylon Fdy Yarn Manufacturers Thomas Paul that your guests will try to steal. If only it was possible to sew all the Thomas Paul flock pillows together into a sofa. It would be the most talked about sofa in town. All the bright colored fauna and flora, the patchwork of silk and linen--it would truly be a masterpiece. Please purchase online


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  • Dan Rogers
    Dan Rogers
    December 12, 2021