Everything you need to know about Shahin SIRA Dubai Integration

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    All freight vehicles registered in Dubai are subject to the required SHAHIN Dubai legislation, which was imposed by the Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) in Dubai. It aims to enhance the security and mobility of the freight fleet registered in Dubai. Its primary objectives are to improve security, expedite trade processes, and raise road safety by closely observing the movements of cargo and vehicles around the city. With the use of GPS tracking devices mounted on trucks at various ports, this comprehensive system enables round-the-clock surveillance from the point of entrance to the final destination.

    Implementation of SHAHIN SIRA Dubai:

     Shahin SIRA Dubai The deployment of SHAHIN is a vital step towards improving the security of Dubai's transport system. By allowing authorities to effectively track and trace every truck, it aids in the prevention of theft, unauthorized use, and other unlawful acts to effectively monitor and trace each and every truck that transports cargo cars.

    Vehicles covered by SHAHIN Dubai have to ensure that the GPS tracker installed in them meets SIRA regulations and is authorized. There could be penalties or legal ramifications for noncompliance.

    SecurePath Premium: The Platform for Vehicle Monitoring

    The Security Industry Regulatory Agency (SIRA) has certified the GPS tracking system SecurePath Premium in order to enhance the security and surveillance of cargo vehicles and freight transit.

    Real-time GPS car monitoring is made possible by SecurePath Premium's advanced tracking features. With this technology in place, SIRA can effectively keep an eye on and regulate goods movement and goods vehicles to ensure both safety and legal compliance.

    SHAHIN and SecurePath Premium together further expand the capabilities of the system.

    It facilitates the acquisition of registration information with ease, providing crucial ownership details and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are driven.

    The ways that SecurePath Premium and the Shahin portal can enhance company operations are described below.

    Real-time GPS monitoring and heightened security:

    The primary feature of SecurePath Premium is its state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. Companies can ensure the security of their vital commodities throughout their entire trip by utilizing location tracking and real-time updates.

    Evidence of Compliance to Regulations:

    In the highly regulated transportation and logistics industry, obtaining a certificate of installation for tracking devices is essential. Companies can use this accreditation with assurance because they are working with a trusted and approved solution.

    How to Create an Account on SHAHIN SIRA Dubai

    Your company must be registered with SHAHIN Dubai in order to operate transport vehicles in Dubai, maintain compliance with local laws, and promote road safety. If you wish to register your business in SHAHIN for cargo cars and freight transport in Dubai, you must be aware of the requirements and procedures.

    To begin the registration process, you must get the necessary documentation and meet the standards stated by SHAHIN. To get your files accepted, go to https://shahin.securepath.ae/ and upload all of the required files.

    Companies operating in Dubai's transport industry should become acquainted with SHAHIN standards and take the necessary steps to register on time. They can ensure seamless operations and promote safety by doing this.