Things to know before you plan your Maharaja Express train tour

      • The train is very long to include all the facilities and amenities required to make it luxurious. You will be walking a lot of times to and from the restaurants and even to board and de-board the train. Use comfortable shoes to enjoy the journey.
      • You can choose from four accommodation option – deluxe cabin, junior suite, suite and presidential suite. Deluxe cabins do not offer a lot of space to roam around the room, while presidential suites are the most spacious. Choose the option most suitable for you.
      • You can choose from any of the four circuits. The ticket prices will depend on the circuit you choose.
      • Every stop involves a grand welcome for the guests. The team for the Maharaja Express train tour will shower you with fresh flowers, give you garlands, and small gifts every time you de-board at a stop.
      • You can order any drinks from the bar on the train. The drinks will be delivered to your cabin, or you can visit the bar and enjoy the drinks at the bar.
      • If you suffer from motion sickness, then you must carry medicines. The train has a doctor round the clock available for anyone who suffers from any health problems. You will also be able to get earplugs and blackout shades from the staff if you find it difficult to sleep on the train.
      • The train includes Wi-Fi so that you can stay connected with the rest of the world.

      This Royal Rajasthan Tour is a unique experience that you will account for on many occasions when you return home.