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What is the window cover

  • The window cover is the vertical side of the vertical side of the window. It can be used as the outer wall frame or flush with the outer wall. Simply put, it is a cover on the door and window cover, commonly known as cheap pvc decking Spain the window cover. What are the benefits of installing a window covering? The biggest function of the window covering is to protect the window.

    If you don't wrap the window cover, the window will be blown by the wind and the sun will be exposed to the sun. For a long time, the edge of standard density of material the window will cause some damage, and repairing later will bring a series of troubles. The window cover has an excellent decorative effect. If the window cover is not included in the decoration, the window gives people a more monotonous and rigid feeling. The window cover has different patterns and different materials, which brings different effects to the whole home. It plays a good decorative effect while 16 foot 2x4 composite deck wood protecting the window, and becomes a beautiful installation window cover in the room.