the installation

  • There is no limit to the installation time of the window cover. Install it at any time according to your needs. Before installation, it is necessary to check whether the window base is firm and how much is a linear foot of lumber whether the window opening is square. If conditions permit, it is best to carry out anti-corrosion, fireproof and moisture-proof treatment. When installing the joist frame of the window cover, it is normally the upper end, and then the two side joists are placed. Be sure to check polymer siding price whether it is flat and firm.

    In addition to the thickness of the board, it is recommended to put a wooden mat on the gap between the joist frame and the wooden brick to make the connection stronger and longer. The corresponding base plate must be fireproofed, moisture-proof and pest-proof in advance to ensure that the base plate is installed more sturdy. When selecting the window cover, pay attention to whether the panel composite board roofing Spain color and pattern are in harmony with the overall style.