the renovation

  • Simply speaking, after the renovation, the auxiliary materials belong to the concealed project. Compared with the main material, it is like a green leaf lining. Although the auxiliary materials are notpatio floor finishes in appearance, they determine the intrinsic quality. For example, if the water circuit material is of poor quality, it is difficult to guarantee the safety performance and stability of the later use. Here, we must remind everyone that because the wall paint is about wpc lumber healthy dog relatively special, some decoration companies count it in the ranks of auxiliary materials.

    Some companies are counted in the main material. When communicating with the decoration company, we must pay attention to advance. Note. Auxiliary materials and main materials - the main material of the main material refers to the main material. Simply put, after the decoration is finished, it is the material seen. It mainly composite stucco ceiling includes finished products, finishes and some functional materials.