They could try, but the majority of people really wanted bonds

  • They could try, but the majority of people really wanted bonds. People were buying OSRS gold for real cash from day 1, so allowing them do it via jagex really didn't change anything, all it did was allow people to OSRS gold pay for their membership with ingame gold.This is hilarious, they could hardly make content I dont believe they're in a place to hold it hostage, every 3 dozen people putting up with their shit would likely just move on.

    But I must have said they wouldn't quit if it was cosmetic only MTX. Mat K spoke about this and it's over 90 percent of gamers do not want buyable exp (internal tests by inviting players over). They would quit. However, if RS3 wasnt rewarding anymore they would forcefully put MTX on 07 to create up gains, but cosmetics only. They also said they would only agree with decorative just MTX if it was an absolute must for RuneScape to stay alive. 07 is steadily decreasing in players, so eventually it'll likely reach this point.

    Completely false. 7 complete years following EoC and OSRS are published, and many people, including extremely famous EoC pvmers such as Evil Lucario, will inform you there's massive flaws in EoC. The vast majority of RS3 players still utilize Revolution according to Jagex. Most OSRS has gamers haven't returned to EoC, many nevertheless express a dislike for this. Meanwhile, RS3 is at record low players, whilst OSRS still has on average 3 times as many players.

    It's time to accept the fact that Eoc was a failure. We had been cheap RuneScape gold advised that Eoc would revolutionise combat and lead to a massive burst in popularity as gamers from different games with modern battle would come play RS3 (it didn't occur at all), and preexisting players could enjoy it (it didn't happen at all either, we dropped 80% of our participant base). RS3 pvmers are fortunate to have a few hundred at peak times, mostly. Regardless of the fact that RS3 has a more sophisticated combat system and better graphics.