Jagex:"The next Yak Yrack won't be as grindy."

  • Then I moved > Herblore > Summoning > Finish all quests > Slayer > Finish the remainder at your leisure. After performing the tasks and finishing the quests, most RuneScape skills will be near 99. So I would like to RuneScape gold to those asap. Plus you get a whole bunch of exp from quests. Some of them give a few hundred thousand exp a soda. Use that on annoying RuneScape skills.

    I do the pursuit that was reccomended to unlock Prif from everyone and had lost my quest cape. I unlocked the city and did a hint before DXP and obtained a shadow dye, immediately purchased 99 herb for DXP. However, the amount of max capes I see walking about makes my couple 99s feel somewhat meaningless in comparison lol.

    I just remembered the shark fishing outfit has a eat option. Much like sharks and lobsters. Fishing is chill. Yeah I'm not making money, or getting things to cook for a undertaking that is latter. Nonetheless, it's a smooth task to get through now. Porters could be used by me, like I would on sailfish. But that is slower fishing. So swallowing the fish appears to be a good move at the moment. Plus it def is not worth portering lobbies.The shark outfits possess a consumer toggle on the headpiece that destroys any fish you catch so you gain experience but don't need to bank. It is a trade off between quicker fishing encounter speeds (due to not banks ) or more profit/cooking experience from grabbing the fish, but at lower fishing experience prices.

    I am kinda confused why they would release Yak Track prior to cheap RS gold Archaeology. This entire thing will flow better if they published in the same time.That is true but assume this would reward longer if they played archeology as a fresh RuneScape skill and it would decide one to utilize the new RuneScape ability to skip steps harder in other RuneScape skills. It is all about mass manipulation into believing what they need. They want people to try out archeology daily 1. Yak track rather forces you on some tasks to want to utilize archeology within an option.If that's the mindset, then it's rather backfiring because there are a lot of tasks that I would have done archaeology for if it were outside yet.