RuneScape is why I spell correctly on the internet

  • RuneScape was my initial"Online MultiRunescape participant" experience of RS gold any sort, and I was immediately entranced. Unsurprisingly, RuneScape was heavily laden with terrible spelling as well as the much popular 1337 speak of the era, and of course, I had been part of this unruly mob. I recall asking this man in the barbarian village some questions about where to find some thing, since RuneHQ was budding rather than completely understood of. (Does anyone even still use it?)

    In any event, Imagine my surprise when this guy hit me with every piece of punctuation I never anticipated. Admittedly, in retrospect, this wasn't a very intelligent premise, but young me assumed that everyone in the United Kingdom used just proper English and punctuation even over internet video games. He was actually surprisingly type, and retorted that just because everyone decides to take the brief and effortless method from English, that he shouldn't need to, and that he forms fast anyway so it doesn't make a great deal of difference to him.

    I'm not certain why this particular interaction happened heavily in my young mind, but I think that it was just from the surprise in the time. I mean, speaking in totally normal English online in 2006 was certainly not cool in me or some one in my age group's eyes, so seeing someone with a vastly different perspective made me kind of realize that spelling and talking like a goon had its difficulties, and I began to make a real effort make certain my language was clear and intelligible. I don't understand why I shared this story, but I think back on Runescape game with fond memories every now and then, and this is a moment that stands out for me, since I'm still dodging 1337 talk to this afternoon.

    At 7 years old you don't really have any idea what you're doing but I'll be damned if I didn't seem fly as fuck in my own priest gowns and frog mask. The most limiting factor of Runescape game at there wasn't ranging chickens in full bronze, it was the fact I could type about 3 words per second, so I could not really communicate with anybody. Fast forward 5 years old 12 and I was in year 6 in college and won the class typing competition using a speed of 70+ WPM while every other non-runescape playing virgin was sitting at 20-40 WPM. I then banged the instructor and all the bitches in my class. And now I'm almost 21, still playing runescape regular and can type ~100WPM, still bang Mr. Green on the side cause I am this epic typist.

    I feel like in the event that you do use flawless punctuation consistently in informal conditions, it includes a bit pretentious. Pretty interesting how text language has adopted things in this way though, like how CAPS CAN BE SHOUTING. Particularly using fancy smancy words much too is odd. 'Retorted', who says that? Who dis here guy think he is? Tryin to carry our jobs? lol. Imo the worst is that individuals verbally speaking in leet talk to anybody who isn't a near friend.

    So growing up I had been homeschooled, and there was a family across the street who also homeschooled, but their parents were not overly strict on them so they got away with doing less work (and therefore just one out of five of OSRS Gold For Sale these graduated high school on time). They'd boy younger than me who had been a hilarious kid.. So basically runescape was his class lmao.