Asian Games, Windsurfing Winner Cho Won-woo

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    [Asian Games] Windsurfing Winner Cho Won-woo “Mungchan is a Great Strength… I am the Last Gold Medalist”




    Securing gold a day early with an overwhelming race... Had to lose 20kg to compete in RS:X


    Cho Won-woo (Haeundae-gu Office), who secured the gold medal at the Hangzhou Asian Games a day earlier with an overwhelming performance, said that JTBC's soccer entertainment show 'We Have to Come Together 2' was his driving force. 카지노사이트원


    Wonwoo Cho took first place in both the 11th and 12th races of the men's windsurfing RS:


    Although the 13th and 14th races remained on the 26th, he took first place in all but one of the previous 12 races, widening the gap that the rest of the athletes could not catch up with, and taking the gold medal early.


    This is Korea's first gold medal in an aquatic event at this competition.


    Cho Won-woo said, “Since I appeared in ‘We Have to Come Together 2,’ a lot of people have recognized me.


    He said, "I gained a lot of strength while playing soccer there."


    Cho Won-woo, who was also a soccer player in elementary school, appeared on the TV entertainment program 'Let's Play Together 2' and played a variety of positions, from central midfielder to fullback and central defender, guarding the backline.


    He showed this to the viewers.


    Jo Won-woo said, “The power of ‘Mungchan’ (you have to come together to kick) was great.


    “I think I was able to continue to think positively and develop the strength to endure difficult training while appearing there,” he said.


    “I am also grateful to the viewers.”


    Wonwoo Cho originally intended to compete in the iQ foil event, not RS:X, among windsurfing events.


    However, based on the strategic judgment that he had a better chance of winning a medal, he changed his competition to RS:


    The RS:


    It is a standing sport and requires constant control of the board with the body and constant pumping motions for acceleration, making it one of the most physically demanding events in windsurfing.


    It is said that lighter weight is more advantageous than iQ Foil, so Wonwoo Cho lost a whopping 20kg.


    Cho Won-woo said, "The preparation process was more difficult than any other competition I have experienced in my career up to this point," and "There were so many things to manage, starting with my diet.


    It was mentally difficult, but I tried to do it until the end."


    It is much easier to develop skills in RS:X level if you have a training partner.


    However, Cho Won-woo, who could not find a suitable partner in Korea, spent a lot of time training alone with national team coach Ok Deok-pil.


    Wonwoo Cho said, "Coach really helped me a lot.


    Even though I had to train alone every time, I trusted and followed the coach's guidance."


    He added, "The training conditions were not good for various reasons, but I tried to do the best I could, so I got good results.


    “It came out,” he said with a laugh.


    Coach Ok is a gold medalist in the 2002 Busan Asian Games yacht windsurfing Mistral class.


    Since then, there have been no Asian Games gold medals in windsurfing in Korea, but Cho Won-woo finally succeeded. Coach Ok also encouraged him, saying,


    "I am touched that my student won the gold medal again.


    I think it is a special feeling to win the last event that is now disappearing."


    Since RS: Won-Woo Cho said, “This is all the more meaningful because it is the last event.


    With me as the last, there will be no winner in this event.”


    He added, “I really like the expression ‘the last gold medalist.’”