Application of 3000 collection of aluminum plates

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    The 3000 series aluminum sheet are a broadly used anti-rust aluminum alloy series with higher power than pure aluminum alloy. Although they can't be heat-dealt with to strengthen the performance, they've correct plasticity after bloodless running (below-cold rolling) and annealing method. Due to good corrosion resistance and welding overall performance, they may be used in many industries, such as constructing decoration industry, digital manufacturing industry, car manufacturing industry, etc.
    The primary grades commonly used in 3 collection aluminum alloys is 3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate, 3104 aluminum plate, 3005 aluminum plate, 3105 aluminum plate and so forth. Amongst them, the 3003 aluminum alloy is the most used. The 3003 aluminum plate is simple to system and has excellent rust resistance. It can be used to roll paint at the floor of the original aluminum to make numerous ornamental curtain wall panels, and aluminum ceiling gussets for indoor use. The roof coloration aluminum tile is made by means of bending via the tile press, which is light and durable, and has a longer life than metallic.
    Now and again 3003h14 aluminum sheet can replace 5052 as light-weight oil tank substances, for it’s cheaper and certified enough in corrosion resistance. 3004 aluminum plate has comparable houses with 3003, and the handiest distinction lies in its higher hardness. Both are used as a roofing material, particularly in H44 country. Similarly, they are additionally made into can bodies for liquids. 3104 aluminium sheet is even harder than 3004, for that reason it serves as digital gadgets after being anodized. 3005 is a everyday base fabric for color lined aluminium coil for homes. 3105 aluminium plate, however, is a regular bottle cap material, together with 8011 and 3004.