Application of aluminum plate in auto parts

  • Nowadays, air pollution is a major problem in environmental protection, so energy conservation and emission reduction are the main issues that car manufacturers strive to break through. According to data, every 1% reduction in body weight reduces fuel consumption by 0.6% & # 8211; 1%. Aluminum has the characteristics of low density and corrosion resistance, so aluminum plates are now widely used in auto parts.
    Aluminum alloy auto parts have greatly reduced the weight of cars, and reducing fuel consumption has become the key to enhancing competition among large automakers. There are many models of Aluminum Sheet 5mm for au to parts. For example: 5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate are used in automobile fuel tanks, which not only solves the corrosion problem left by iron, but also has good oxidation resistance, and can form a dense oxide film on the surface of aluminum plate, which can prevent chemical reactions with external substances. Very good corrosion resistance. And 6061 aluminum plate is also used in automobile pedals. 6000 series aluminum plate is a hot-rolled aluminum plate. After quenching, the product has good stability and is not easy to deform. Therefore, it is a good choice for 6000 series aluminum plate for automobile pedals. In addition, 4×8 Aluminum Sheet is widely used in auto parts.
    Auto parts aluminum sheet has increased significantly in recent years, which has significantly reduced the weight of the car body, but also saved fuel consumption and reduced environmental pollution. At the same time, aluminum plate has become the new favorite of the automobile industry.

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