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  • Aluminum alloy plate 6061 t6 is usually used in the fields of automated mechanical parts, finishing and mold making. Through mechanical processing, 6061 aluminum alloy plate can be used to manufacture mobile phone card slots, mobile phone cases, molds, auto parts, mask machines, trolley cases, door panels, etc. 6061 [url=]4 x 8 aluminum sheet[/url] has strong decorative surface treatment, can be anodized and colored, and can be continuously punched at high speed, which is convenient for direct processing and forming.
    Huawei Aluminum is a professional aluminum alloy sheet 6061 t6 manufacturer with multiple advantages.
    1. 25 years of rich experience.
    As a long-established aluminum sheet manufacturer, Huawei Aluminum has 25 years of production experience, rich and mature, high-level processing technology, and exquisite craftsmanship, which can provide you with excellent quality and high-quality products.
    2. Advanced hardware equipment.
    Huawei has 1+1, 1+4 hot rolling production lines and imported six-high cold rolling mill equipment. Huawei Aluminum can produce ultra-wide and ultra-thick 6061 aluminum alloy sheets, which eliminates internal stress and does not deform during cutting.
    3. Comprehensive services.
    Huawei Aluminium&# 8217;s has a one-stop service attitude of pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, enthusiastic service, preferential quotation, and solves problems for users.
    The price of [url=]6061 T6 Aluminum Sheet[/url] 6061 t6 is not only related to the price of raw material aluminum ingots, but also related to factors such as product thickness, width, and condition. 6061 aluminum plate, as a kind of aluminum alloy with a wide range of uses and high demand, has more than one supplier. Due to the difference in the selection of raw materials, the manufacturing process and the quality of the product, the quotations are also different.