PVDF aluminum sheet

  • PVDF aluminum sheets, also known as fluorocarbon aluminum sheets and PVDF aluminum sheets, are the most common color-coated aluminum products on the market. PVDF [url=https://hw-matels.com/size-aluminum/0.75-Aluminum-Plate.php]0.75 Aluminum Plate[/url] has strong thermal stability, relatively wear resistance, impact resistance, UV resistance, radiation resistance, gloss and color retention, chemical corrosion resistance, and stain resistance. The aluminum grades of PVDF-coated aluminum are 3003 and 3004, and the 3003 aluminum alloy containing manganese and magnesium elements is usually used. The thickness of pvdf color coated aluminum sheet is 0.18-1.5mm and the width is 580-1850mm, please note that the PVDF thickness of Huawei aluminum is more than 25 microns, which has better performance and longer life.
    The fluorocarbon coating of pvdf aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance, can resist acid rain, salt spray and various air pollutants, has excellent cold resistance and heat resistance, can resist strong ultraviolet radiation, and can maintain long-term Fading, no chalking, long lasting. The whole process of pvdf color-coated aluminum sheet production equipment is automated, and the coating quality fully reaches the level of imported [url=https://www.alufoil.cn/color-aluminum-sheet-plate.html]Color Aluminum Sheet Plate[/url], which conforms to national standards and has passed a number of professional inspections.
    The pvdf aluminum plate 3003 provided by Huawei Aluminum has the following advantages:
    1. Zero color difference, the paint is directly customized and adjusted by the manufacturer.
    2. The entire coating film and surface are free of particles and pores.
    3. Environmental protection paint, no pollution.
    4. Smooth surface and high flatness.
    5, strong weather resistance, can adapt to different environments.
    6. Ultra-low loss, high utilization rate, saving project costs.
    7. There will be no flow marks caused by too thick coating during spraying.
    8. Good self-cleaning, surface dust and other pollutants can be easily washed away in the rain.