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  • PVDF fluorocarbon coatings for [URL=]3003 Aluminum Sheet Plate[/URL] are the darling of the existing architectural coatings market. It can be said that it is recognized as an organic coating with a strong protective effect. Aluminum-magnesium-manganese 3003 aluminum is an alloy material composed of three elements: aluminum, magnesium and manganese. It has the advantages of high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It has moderate structural strength, weather resistance, pollution resistance, easy bending and welding, etc. Unbeatable price/performance ratio, considered a roofing and façade material with a service life of over 50 years.
    Aluminum-magnesium-manganese 3003 coil with fluorocarbon coating for metal structure can keep it undamaged for decades and always maintain beautiful color. So far, fluorocarbon pre-coated aluminum-magnesium-manganese panels have been used in construction in various fields around the world for more than 30 years and have maintained their excellent performance. Color coated aluminum sheet 3003 typically has a thickness of 0.024mm-4.0mm and a width of 1700mm or less. In addition to PVDF coating, there is also PE coating, which is low-cost and can be used for interior decoration. The colors of pre-painted aluminum are green, blue, yellow, white, black, etc. PVDF is polyvinylidene fluoride. Due to the electronegativity of the fluorine atom, it forms a very stable carbon-fluorine bond. Coupled with its unique molecular symmetry, PVDF has extraordinary stability and unique resistance to UV degradation. as well as excellent insulating and mechanical properties. Since the application of fluorocarbon-coated aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets, the pretreatment of aluminum-magnesium-manganese sheets has gradually developed in a simple and efficient direction.
    Before the anti-corrosion construction of [URL=]5005 H34 Aluminum Coil[/URL], some more economical and practical pretreatment measures must be taken for later use. So how does the aluminum-magnesium-manganese color-coated plate anti-corrosion? In the past, the most common pretreatment method was to treat the surface of the aluminum-magnesium-manganese coated coil with an acid or alkali solution to dissolve the oxide layer, rust and oil stains on the surface, and then carry out the next step of anti-corrosion treatment.