Shiatsu 60-minute massage, purify yourself completely!

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    Experience first hand all the benefits of a true shiatsu massage from a holistic and systematic view of being.

    This plan is ideal to enjoy both alone and as a couple. If you live this wonderful experience with that special person you will enjoy together a magical massage that will transport you to another dimension. You will live a little ritual to strengthen your bond to emerge and unlock the resistances that prevent you from freely giving and receiving.

    The massage offered starts from a Shiatsu Namikoshi base that merges with other techniques. Some of the benefits you may notice are:

        On a physical level:

            Better body flexibility.

            Better sensor-motor coordination.

            A wider and more regular breath.

            A deeper and more restful sleep.

            Better resistance to stressors.

            Greater feeling of energy.

            A clearer and more accurate vision.

            Decreased electrical activity of the brain.
        At the psychic level:

            State of calm and general welfare.

            Feeling of better self control.

            Relaxation ability

            More attention span and concentration.

            Clearer ideas.

            Better emotional harmony.

            Feeling of unity

            Resistance to anxiety

            Better psychic balance.

    On an emotional level: you will awaken old memories inscribed at the bottom of your muscles and stimulate the enclosed energy, making it possible for emotions to surface.

    Do not hesitate for a moment and allow yourself to go beyond a simple massage, live a spiritual experience that will renew you from head to toe.

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