KBO League Surpassed 5 Million Spectators

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    코로나 이전보다 빨라' KBO리그 500만 관중 돌파 | 중앙일보

    KBO League 'faster than the pre-corona era' surpassed 5 million spectators (total)


    On the 4th, 5 stadiums, 42,361 people entered the league with 5,042,283 cumulative spectators, and an average of 16,228 people entered the home game, ‘No. 1 in box office performance’


    The professional baseball KBO League surpassed 5 million spectators at a faster pace than the era before the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) epidemic.


    The KBO Secretariat will be held on the 4th in Jamsil (kt wiz-Doosan Bears), Busan (SSG Landers-Lotte Giants), Daegu (LG Twins-Samsung Lions), Changwon (Kiwoom Heroes-NC Dinos), and Gwangju (Hanwha Eagles-KIA Tigers).


    It was tallied that 42,361 people from 5 stadiums entered 스포츠토토 and exceeded the '5 million spectators' with a cumulative audience of 5,042,283 in 457 games.


    Despite the heavy rain and heat, it is the first time since the 4 million spectators broke on the 2nd of last month that 1 million spectators have been summoned to the baseball field in 93 games.


    The number of games with 4 million to 5 million spectators is the second fastest since 2015, when the 10 club system began.


    The average number of spectators totaled 11,033, a 34% increase compared to the same number of matches last year.


    The club with the most average spectators per game is LG, which ranks first in the league.


    A total of 795,141 people entered LG for 49 games played at home, recording an average of 16,228 per game, the highest total and average number of spectators.


    They were followed by SSG (14,755), Lotte (13,153), Doosan (12,866), Samsung (11,036) and KIA (10,223). connect

    Six of the 10 clubs had an average attendance of over 10,000.


    Kiwoom showed the highest increase, up 76% from the previous season, from an average of 4,548 last season to 8,000 this season.


    NC Dinos (67%), Hanwha (48%), and Lotte (46%) are also clubs with a large increase in home spectators.


    What is noteworthy is the fact that more spectators are coming than before the full-fledged spread of Corona 19.


    The average number of spectators increased by 3.4% compared to the same number of games in the 2019 season, and the number of games required to reach 5 million spectators from the opening was reduced from 463 games in the 2019 season to 457 games this season.


    It can be interpreted that there were more baseball fans who moved to the baseball field due to the lifting of quarantine measures than baseball fans who were disappointed due to the sluggishness of the international competition,


    Although they performed below expectations at the World Baseball Classic (WBC), which was held prior to the opening of the regular season.