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    It is used primarily as a regular prevention or as a relaxation during long-term overloading of certain parts of the body. The aim of the massage is to relieve muscle tension, eliminate fatigue and restore energy flow. The mechanical effect is to promote the return of venous blood and lymph from the periphery to the circulatory center, to remove lactic acid from muscles and harmful substances such as metabolites.

    Sports massage is designed for athletes top and amateur.It is performed before or after a strenuous training or race, between or after the performance.With sports massage we remove the feeling of overloaded muscles after sports performance and other strenuous activities.

    Classical reconditioning massage is suitable for people who have less active movement.This type of massage will achieve a total relaxation and firming muscles.At the same time we can prevent neck pain or back. Sports massage is suitable for amateur and top sprotovce.

    Preparatory massage - mainly used techniques of muscular kneading and beats. Its task is to improve health and strengthen the body. Particularly suitable after long-term lack of exercise.

    Fatigue-removing massage - suitable not only for athletes. It is done after physical exertion or training. Ideally, after a massage stay in a lying position and relax.

    Emergency massage - prepares the athlete for maximum performance and is performed just before the start.

    Therapeutic massage - helps to heal faster in various muscular injuries.


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