Another Much Cheaper Solution To Complete FIFA 20 Seven-League

  •   In this post, we will discuss a much cheaper solution for completing the FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC (Squad Building Challenge).

      In the Hybrid Leagues section, the second Squad Building Challenge is called the FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC, and of course, this requires players from exactly seven leagues. Also, it is not so difficult to complete but there is one thing that you need to know is you have to ensure that you are not overspending your hard-fought FIFA 20 earnings, fortunately, now we have got one of the cheapest solutions possible here. Please keep reading on our complete FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC solution, a full player list and how much each one cost is also included.

      Just as we have already stated above, you need players from exactly seven different leagues in order to accomplish the FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC, but you can only have a maximum of three from the very same league. You also need a minimum rating of 78 overall, which narrows the search down to gold players, and what's worse, the 85 chemistry requirement makes it more difficult than it may seem at first.

      My solution has the most expensive player(s) at 750 FIFA 20 coins apiece, with most costing about 500-550. Most players are from Brazil, so there is likely to be a few you can substitute if any of these have shot up in price since finishing it. And the below is my complete FIFA 20 Seven-League Boots SBC solution:

      Defense: Yellow

      CB (Center-Back): E. Botteghin [NED 1/Brazil] - 450 coins
      CB (Center-Back): R. Toloi [ITA 1/Brazil] - 500 coins
      CB (Center-Back): V. Hilton [FRA 1/Brazil] - 500 coins

      Midfield: Green

      CM (Centre Midfield): Petros [SAU 1/Brazil] - 550 coins
      CM (Centre Midfield): R. Carioca [MEX 1/Brazil] - 750 coins
      LM (Left Midfield): Kenedy [SPA 1/Brazil] - 600 coins
      RM (Right Midfield): W. Eduardo [POR 1/Angola] - 650 coins

      Goalkeeper: Orange

      GK (Goalkeeper): Rafael [ITA 1/Brazil] - 550 coins

      Attack: Blue

      LW (Left Winger): Caio [POR 1/Brazil] - 600 coins
      RW (Right Winger): F. Orellana [SPA 1/Chile] - 750 coins
      ST (Striker): Charles [SPA 1/Brazil] - 600 coins

      Finally, at least the number you need to earn FIFA 20 coins is 6,500, and that's the perfect solution.

      Conclusion; the FIFA 20 transfer market fluctuates so quickly and even though this was the cheapest solution I could find right now does not mean this is the perfect solution forever. Therefore, we'd like to keep updating this guide once we find another better solution. Also for more FIFA 20 SBC solutions, you can click here.