RuneScape is a part among RuneScape gold Mansell's

  • RuneScape is a part among RuneScape gold Mansell's three-part strategy, and part two is all around new games. The company has a little R&D team working on several different ideas. The hope is that a few of those notions can develop into a mid-budget online title in the vein of Rocket League, Path of Exile or PUBG.These games do not have $100 million funds, he says. They are very community-based. They are quite grounded in what the players are doing, but they're still huge, exciting adventures. There is a lot of innovation that is happening there due to their size, and that's an area that we would like to play Along with the, Jagex is also working on a far largernext generation MMO.


    We want to take everything we've learned over the previous 17 years making the RuneScape matches, and make something that capitalises on all our learnings, Mansell says. There's an interesting dichotomy... Games have never been more multiplayer or online, but people do not speak about MMOs very much anymore. That's really a fantastic thing, as it creates those games more accessible and less intimidating. That is where we would like to go as well.


    I think quite highly of what the shared world matches have done. They have been supplying a massive multiplayer experience with much fewer complications. From the early days of RuneScape, it was a phenomenally reachable game. It had been pretty much the first big free-to-play game at the West. We used lots of simple design language for its interactions, but it was deep beneath. These are some of the principles we're going to go back to with our following MMO.


    He continues:It is important that our matches are free-to-access. Whether they cheap OSRS gold will always be free-to-play will be different. It's important to allow a lot of people in, and it is important for us to have an ongoing revenue stream. Free-to-play can be quite divisive with people, but there's a good deal of innovation in PC, with various types of equitable monetisation models. Fortnite quite lately has done some interesting innovation there.


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