Types of Sausage Casings – Which One To Consider?

  •       Just like sausages are required for delicious cooking, similarly, the sausage casings are required to add a flavor and taste in sauce. Yes, sausage casing is a crucial part while making wieners at home. What actually it does is, it helps in encasing the sausage meat so that the sausage can take its shape. Besides, it also add flavor to the sausage, for instance smoked casings for hot dogs.

    Making sausage can prove to be a bit daunting task, yet there are variety of options; whether it’s the cooking style, ingredients, or those casings which seem to be available in multiple varieties. As far as question of making sheep sausage casing is concerned, so it usually comes packed in salt brine.

    The sausage sheep casings often varies in type from pork sausage, to hot dog quality. They can also be resalted, and stored under refrigeration.

    About Sheep Casings

    The sheep casings are eatable, and consist of two different types. Sheep casings used for hot dog are without holes as they’re only used when meat is blended or vacuum chopped. While other sheep casings are used for linking sausage to snack sticks as per the required diameter

    The size of each sheep casing ranges from 19mm to 26mm also, a hank will stuff from 40 to 65 pounds of meat relying upon the breadth. Every hank is roughly 100 yards. Douse FOR 15 MINUTES IN LUKE WARM WATER.

    Best Types of Sausage Casings

    Following are the best types of sausage sheep casings which you can consider, each available in various types and sizes. The wiener packaging you select can significantly improve your frankfurter making and eating experience.

    Natural Casings

    Natural casings are actually made of submucosa (a layer of loose connective tissues below a mucous membrane) which is a large size collagen layer of intestine. It gives the best flavor and appearance to the final sausage product.

    A natural sausage casing complements the natural juices and quality of meat and spices. It also permit deep smoke penetration if you are smoking your sausage. The natural casings usually comes in a sealed bag in a moist salt solution.

    Collagen Casings

    This sausage casing is basically made from the sticky substance found in connective tissue, bones and cartilage of all mammals. This is a kind of same substance which is used for making famous gelatin dessert. Most monetarily bought hotdog in USA are full into collagen housings.

    Collagen casings are the complete solution for all sausage applications including; deep fat frying, freezing, grilling, and oven cooking. These sausage casings comes on a shirred stick and required amount for each application. These packaging are reasonable for hand-connecting gave the proper frankfurter blend and formula are utilized.

       Fibrous Casings

    These sheep casings are made from wood cellulose (essentially paper) which is infused with protein. These are the toughest casings produced and are inedible. They are utilized where greatest consistency of the completed item width, regardless of whether frankfurter or smoked meat, is wanted.

    The consistency of item stuffed in the housings make them perfect for cutting for prepackaging. These housings don't require refrigeration.

    Engineered Casings

    Engineered frankfurter housings are produced using alginates, and the housings themselves require no refrigeration. Engineered housings are utilized by mass makers and can be made in various hues. They are the most uniform and solid of a wide range of housings.