What We Learnt From Betting on Love Island in the Previous Year

  • If you have been following Love Island ever since it hit the air waves in 2015, chances are you have laughed, cried or even raged. But with Love Island 2020 now in place, you need to learn from what transpired during the previous shows. This is mostly the case when you are into Love Island betting. Luckily, we are here to offer a helping hand with the best Love Island free betting tips. Here are some of the most notable things we learnt.


    • Be On the Lookout for Flashy New Arrivals

    The producers of Love Island love to add fun to the show with new arrivals joining. This means Love Island betting odds are definitely going to change once the producers put their hands all over the show with new arrivals. You must therefore exercise caution with your choices if you are to get something out of Love Island betting 2020. For those who are still finding it hard, then you can simply seek the help of websites such as TV Betting. Thanks to TV Betting, you are not only going to get Love Island betting tips but also the best bookmakers to rely upon.


    • The Lie Detector

    One of the staples of Love Island is the lie detector. Actually, the lie detector leads to chaos and can even provide a wild trading opportunity very late in the game when the competition is still lively. In fact, couples you think are going to win the competition might look uncomfortable with the lie detector thus leading to their breakup. It is therefore advisable for you to use the lie detector in determining the contestants you want to bet on. Through this action, you will stand a great chance of winning big once the show concludes.


    The Bottom Line

    There are a lot of things we have learnt after betting on Love Island in the previous years. All it takes is for you to put them into practice whenever you are placing a bet. It is then that you can smile all the way to the bank.