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Fix Malwarebytes Antivirus not working

  • How to Fix Malwarebytes Antivirus not working

    You can read this page if you're having trouble with Malwarebytes Antivirus not working sure how to fix it. It will highlight the two main causes of this issue. Additionally, it will demonstrate potential solutions to this problem. Malwarebytes is an effective antivirus program with a sizable database. It has gained popularity as a result of its effectiveness and capacity to spot viruses that other malware scanners miss. Malwarebytes does have certain drawbacks, though. On occasion, it won't even open in Windows and won't even display an error message.

    Users' experiences have identified a number of helpful solutions to the Malwarebytes not launching on Windows issue, allowing Malwarebytes to resume normal operation. To solve this issue, check them out in the section below and then adhere to the directions provided.

    Causes of Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows

    "Why Malwarebytes won't open" might be on your mind. There are a variety of reasons why Malwarebytes could not launch on your machine. Regardless of how serious or minor the reasons are, you must act right now. You can now look over the list of potential causes listed below and decide which one might apply to your situation.

    Malware Infection

    It's possible that a malware infection has prohibited the mbam.exe program from starting if your machine has been compromised. As a result, malware prevents Malwarebytes from opening. To resolve this problem, consider renaming the executable for mbam.exe.

    Corrupted User Account

    It is extremely risky for your computer if you are utilizing a broken or malfunctioning user account on Windows. You might be unable to use numerous products, including Malwarebytes, due to the corrupted user account. You should try switching to a different user profile in this situation.

    How to Fix Malwarebytes Not Opening on Windows

    There are mainly three methods to fix of Malwarebytes not opening on window.

    Rename the Executable

    Simply blocking the execution of executables with identical names allows malicious files to stop you from executing several anti-malware programs. This means that malware will prevent you from running the Malwarebytes executable if the Malwarebytes not opening on Windows issue is brought on by malware infection.

    To solve this issue right now, try renaming the Malwarebytes executable.

    To manually locate the tool's installation folder, right-click the Malwarebytes shortcut on the desktop or in another location and choose Open file location from the menu.

    Locate the mbam.exe file in the Malwarebytes installation folder, right-click it, and choose Rename from the context menu.

    To make sure the file name is not blocked by viruses, choose a name that is associated with certain fundamental Windows processes, like exe or explorer.exe.

    Try running Malwarebytes and see whether it launches. To do a virus check, select Scan from the tool's home screen.

     Malwarebytes will likely begin the process of updating its virus database after which it will go on scanning.

    Please wait while the procedure is complete. It can take some time to complete the scanning. Make sure the malware has been removed or quarantined if Malwarebytes finds it on your machine.

    Restart your computer once the scanning has been completed.

    You may currently check to see whether Malwarebytes not launching on Windows or malware issues are still plaguing your PC.

    Perform a Clean Install of Malwarebytes

    Many people claim that by completely reinstalling Malwarebytes, their issue can be solved forever. You should attempt this strategy because it is the longest and safest. Find a way to get your Activation ID and Key if you bought the Premium edition of Malwarebytes.

    To open Registry Editor, type regedit into the search box and click it. Additionally, you can open Registry Editor by typing regedit in the Run dialog box and selecting OK after pressing the Windows key and the R key simultaneously.

    Use one of the registry locations listed below to retrieve your ID and Key.

    Following the successful retrieval of your ID and Key, you can proceed with the real reinstallation procedure. After uninstalling, carefully follow the instructions if you want to keep using the Premium version.

    Open MBAM and then My Account in step three. To deactivate, click. Navigate to Advanced Settings after selecting Settings. The Enable self-protection module option should be disabled.

    Download the most recent version of MBAM and install it by following the on-screen directions.

    Deselect Trial. Launch the software, then click the Activation button. If you were utilizing a trial version, you can download it once more and omit the subsequent procedures.

    Type in the ID and Key you obtained from the register. Your license ought to be automatically activated.

    Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium is now available for usage. I'm hoping the Real-Time Protection problem will be fixed.

    If you don't have the MBAM Premium or Pro edition, you can still utilize the new MBAM version without any issues by just following Steps 3 through 6.

    Verify whether the Malwarebytes not opening on Windows issue still exists.

    Create a New User Account

    Malwarebytes not opening on Windows issue may happen if you log into Windows using a faulty user account. Depending on the other apps you use, this problem could appear in many ways.

    As a result, you should make a new user account before continuing to use anything. Typically, your user account is connected to your own files, which are easily transferable.

    To launch the Run dialog box, press the Windows key and the R key simultaneously. To launch Command Prompt as administrator, type cmd in the dialog window and hit Ctrl + Shift + Enter.

    Select the Add... option and adhere to the on-screen directions. To create a non-Microsoft account, choose the Sign in without a Microsoft account option.

    To confirm your selection, click Next and then Local account in the following box. Fill out the remaining fields.

     To log out of your current account after creating a new one, enter the command shutdown -L in the Command Prompt window.

    Sign in to your newly established account.

    You can currently check to see if the Malwarebytes not responding problem goes away.

    Make a Backup to Protect Your Computer

    There are mainly three methods

    There are many different types of viruses and they are always present. If your computer is hacked, the results could be disastrous.

    Perhaps you haven't found an antivirus program with adequate power to shield your machine from every infection, but you can try to back up your data beforehand in case a viral attack results in data loss.

    Choose Your Backup Source

    To access the Local module's primary interface, click Connect in the module. The IP address of another computer on the same LAN must be typed before you can click Connect in the Remote module.

     On the home page, click the Backup tab.

    Before selecting the files you wish to backup, choose the Source module. Then, select the backup type, Folder and Files.

    Select a Destination to Save Your Backup Files

    On the home page, select the Destination tab.

    Decide where you want your backup files to be saved. You can select from 5 different destination paths: Administrator, Libraries, Computer, Network, and Shared. To return to the main page, click OK.

    Perform Backup Operation

    Click Backup now to start the backup process immediately. Alternatively, you can select Back up Later to complete the backup activity later and then click Back up Now on the Manage page to carry out the postponed action.

    To confirm that you wish to perform the backup process right now, click Yes.

    Additionally, you can select Shut down the machine once all ongoing backup tasks have been completed. Before starting a backup task, you can choose Schedule, Scheme, or Options on the main screen if you want to make some advanced settings.

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