Is there a slot with 100% RTP: what is the percentage of player

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    RTP or the percentage of return to player is what is used to determine the amount of money that a casino or slot machine gives back to its customers. Whatever gamblers play, RTP is an important term that all casino enthusiasts should know.


    What is RTP

    Return to Player (RTP) is a term used to describe the percentage of a player's total wager that will eventually be returned to the player on a mandatory basis. But how can it affect the gambler's choice?


    In other words, RTP is about building casino advantage and, more importantly for players, their chances of winning a certain amount in the long run. Knowing this figure helps in choosing the best betting strategy, as it has a significant impact on overall wins or losses.


    Some casinos have a high RTP percentage and others do not. There are websites like this provide lists of online casinos that have a high payout percentage.


    How to determine the RTP for a slot machine

    Developers supply to the market slot machines with a predetermined percentage of payouts. Often, the value of RTP depends on the requirements of the regulator of a particular country and the mathematical model used by the developer. However, the RTP percentage must be within the range established by the governing bodies. There are no machines with very low levels, as they are simply not allowed.


    The RTP is set by simulating 1 billion rounds on a game server. That is, in order to get a licence from the regulator, the vendor has to go through a certification process and an independent auditor has to verify the simulation of the game server. This audit determines the correctness of the declared RTP. Casino owners cannot independently regulate the percentage of returns.

    In online slot machines the return parameter is laid in the code, which is also checked by special authorities. In the absence of violations the model appears on the gambling market. That is why it is important for players to choose a licensed platform, as the situation with unlicensed online casinos is quite different.


    Illegal players use pirated software that runs on their resources, so they can change RTP and other parameters at their discretion. You shouldn't be surprised if the real return rate in illegal casino slots can be as low as 50%.


    How to Calculate RTP

    Gambling is first and foremost entertainment, but there is also a mathematical component to it. That is why it is important for players to understand how to calculate RTP. This knowledge will allow to make more informed decisions when choosing games and increase the chances of winning. Theoretically, calculating the RTP of any game is not difficult. The formula is relatively simple: the total amount returned to players divided by the total amount played.


    In addition, before starting a new game, gamblers have the option to view the betting return percentage on the payout table of most online casinos. This helps to understand how profitable the game is and what are the chances of getting a good payout.

    Comparing the RTP on different slots

    In most cases, the minimum RTP value is 80%. For example, producers NetEnt or BetSoft produce online slots, the value of which is higher than 91%. Theoretical percentage return of licensed online machines is in the range of 90 - 98%, but in recent years this figure is increasing. Popular providers create slots where the RTP starts at 95%. Developers give more options to players, because in this way, people's loyalty to online casinos grows.


    How RTP affects bonuses

    In the bonus games that are part of online slots, high RTP values help influence the results. But it's important to read and study the rules before playing, as this value can depend on many factors. Slots with an RTP of 96.7% or higher give the greatest advantage.


    Slots have been, and continue to be, the most popular casino game around the world. And RTP is an important factor that a player should consider when choosing a game. It should be remembered that gambling needs to be handled responsibly.