10 tips for choosing a thong

  • Beautiful underwear, like a higher education: it is not visible, but it raises self-esteem, even among men, and not only self-esteem. But seriously, erotic panties make women attractive and desirable. And the most seductive version of such clothes are thongs. Previously, they could be worn only by liberated dancers of strip clubs in the USA, and now women who want to give pleasure to their partner, and to themselves too. But thongs need to be able to choose the right one, even if they are branded, like products of the Spanish brand Bracli.

    You need to start by understanding the types of strings:

    Deciding on the type of string is very simple - you just need to focus on your type of figure. Although in the eyes of a man who loves you, you will look seductive in any underwear. Owners of curvaceous shapes are more suitable for models with a high rise and a wide strip of lace. For women and girls with a miniature figure, the same minimalistic options are relevant. Original thongs can be chosen by those who are ready for experiments and new sensations. Although only by the type of figure, the selection of sexy panties is not limited. Find more at the https://it.incanto.eu/catalog/reggiseno-e-slip/perizoma/

    There are some points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a string:

    1. Lace thongs should be well done. The fabric is thin and soft, like a “second skin." It may contain synthetic fibers. In this case, the panties will not press or rub.
    2. Underwear should be the appropriate size. If it is smaller, then the panties will cut into the skin, which does not look very attractive, and brings discomfort. Size in this case matters.
    3. Quality thongs have a high price. Low cost hides low-grade products. They can even harm women's health.
    4. The thongs of the Classic series are considered the most comfortable. If you have not worn such underwear before, start with this line. Although, without exception, women at first do not feel very confident in thongs with pearl thread. But it is worth looking into their beloved man’s eyes - everything is back to normal.
    5. Women's lace thongs can be worn under a dress or skirt. They are not visible under the clothes of others, but your man knows about shorts and can afford to fantasize.
    6. For women who order thongs for the first time, it is recommended to choose models in black. They are considered classic and win-win. Even if you have problems with the figure, the man will not notice this.
    7. White, beige, and even more red panties - designed for ladies, ready for experimentation and innovation.
    8. Thongs should not be pulled above the waist. Otherwise, you risk injury. And the strip of underwear sticking out from under the clothes does not look very attractive.
    9. Lace panties must be washed manually with gentle means. It is better to wipe pearls with a special antiseptic.
    10. Women's thongs should not be worn during sports. They can bring some discomfort.

    Seductive lace panties are an effective weapon to conquer a man’s heart. Actually, it is for this purpose that women wear them. And many men are ready to stand in orderly lines in defense of thongs. And it’s not scary if their edge sticks out from under their clothes. It gives vent to imagination and experimentation. But there are those men who care about beauty and restraint, rather than openness, bordering on vulgarity. Intrigue starts them, and therefore they are ready for the most daring acts. And there are men for whom clothes are not at all important. They love a woman simply for what she is, in any outfit and mood. Therefore, consider the tastes and preferences of men, before buying a particular model of panties.