Pitfalls of Office Relocation

  • The famous proverb says: "One move is equal to two fires." It really is true. For an ordinary citizen, the move turns into stress and inconvenience, which he eliminates as necessary. Indeed, moving from one apartment to another is a difficult task. But, the plus is that for a fairly long time a person can safely disassemble his things, arrange furniture. Nobody rushes him. Office relocation refers to a completely different category of relocations. Imagine yourself as a director. Several years of a settled life, all office equipment is arranged in their places. Piles of papers are pushed into the archive or pantry until better times. The tables of employees are littered with different familiar belongings. Here is a picture of an established office life. In addition, customers out of habit just drop by without a preliminary call. And suddenly a move.


    Relocation - breaking the office lifestyle. Change of office location - loss of some customers. This rule is without exception. True, you can call regular customers and inform about the change of location. But this is an organizational issue. The most important thing is to quickly move and start functioning of the office during the day. As the Soviet slogans taught, the main thing is planning. This fully applies to office relocation. It is necessary to prepare for the move in advance. Ideally, as soon as the first thoughts about changing the office space appear, you can begin to tidy up the archive or old documents. From experience, this work takes the lion's share of time. It is also necessary to determine what time is allotted for the move.


    It’s best to plan a move at the end of the work week. On Friday, all customers are already preparing for the weekend, as a rule, there is no large flow of customers on the last working day. In addition, the upcoming weekend gives additional time to arrange furniture, connect all office equipment and equip jobs. Before moving, one more important issue needs to be resolved: should you seek the help of specialized companies that are exclusively involved in arranging relocations. It directly depends on the number of employees in your company. Small companies with a staff of 3-6 people may well manage on their own. Each employee collects working documents, packs office equipment. A senior, appointed director, oversees the process. By the time of the move, you can catch it, pack everything and go quietly to learn the new office.


    Office Moving Assistant - Moving Company For companies with a large number of employees, it is best to resort to the help of a moving company (for example, see all the necessary information in advance on the website ProUnionMovers.com).


    . These companies are engaged in the organization of various relocations. In order to assess the amount of upcoming work and determine the cost of services, a company specialist travels to the place of work - to the office. Upon examination, the specialist will definitely give recommendations on how best to pack documents and books. Then, together with the director or the person responsible for the move, the specialist will visit the new office of the company. In this case, the employee, as a rule, gives a number of recommendations on the placement of jobs, documents and office equipment. Moving companies have in their staff professional movers, and also have their own vehicles for moving. After visiting your office and determining the scope of work, the specialist determines how many movers are needed to move, what type of machine is suitable for transporting all property. Companies involved in organizing relocations willingly meet customers and carry out the transportation of offices, both on weekends and holidays. This allows you to more easily settle in a new place, tidy up the premises, arrange furniture and unpack documents. A competent specialist of a moving company will certainly recommend the director to transport the office at night. This is the best option for moving. At night, all city roads are free, there are no traffic jams. This allows you to move several times faster than during the day. In addition to the convenience of traveling on night roads, there is another plus. This applies to loading and unloading. At night, movers can easily use elevators without annoying visitors and office building staff. Specialists of the moving company will be able to quickly arrange furniture and bring in equipment. Employees who come to work in the morning will only have to do the arrangement of their jobs. Conclusion of a contract for relocation Conclusion of an agreement for the provision of office relocation services is mandatory. Nobody wants a car with furniture and office documents to disappear in an unknown direction. The annex to the contract should list all the pieces of furniture that are transported.

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