How to remove Trojan horse from your Windows Computer Using

  • Have you ever encounter such issues when your system got hanged and working too slow? This must be attacked by Trojan horse or related bad threats. Trojan horse is a malicious program that infects the files present in the system and does severe harm which makes your power system to working slow. It also steals your information from your system. Some users may think of themselves that everything is working fine with their system and they don't need extra security which is not correct at all. Trojan horse is a kind of malware that steals your information silently.


    Don't worry as in this case you have a security option which is Avast Antivirus. Moreover, they have unique support in which you can contact and known as Avast customer Service Number which is working 24 hours, 7 days for you. Avast is popular security software which is known for its reliable security for the system. You can easy download and install this software to your system as an extra layer of security. However, some users may face some issues related to this security software which is Avast Antivirus.


    Do you face Trojan horse issues with your computer? If you need to get rid of such issues then simply follow the instructions given below:


    ü  Download the Avast protection from the official websites.

    ü  Once downloading is complete then installs it with given steps.

    ü  Double-Click its setup icon and click to run icon on your computer.

    ü  Once, Installation is done then restarts your computer to continue further.

    ü  Now, launch the Avast application by double-clicking its icon.

    ü  After clicking, click the "Maintenance" tab.

    ü  Now you have to select the "Update engine and virus definition button" and then choose the "Update Program".

    ü  After updating, select the "Scan computer" tab.

    ü  Here, choose the "Full System scan button to find out the hideous family of bad threats like Trojans, spy-ware, root-kits, and worms.

    ü  After full scanning is done then click on "Results"

    ü  At the list of the drop-down menu, choose "Apply the action for all", and then select the delete button.

    ü  Finally, you have to click on "Apply" to make all changes save.

    ü  Now, you can close the antivirus program.


    I hope this will make your system free from bad threats such as Trojans Horse, spyware, root kits, worms, and threats has been departed. In such you need any assistance then you can contact Avast Help Number +1-888-499-5520 on their hotline number which is available by 24 hours, 7 days for you.