How to Block Spam Message on Facebook?

  • It can get really annoying if someone is sending you messages but you don’t want them to. And these days the automated chatbots are troubling people with different schemes and all. These messages can be pretty annoying because they are allowed to send you sponsored messages or in other words spam messages.


    If you are fed up with the spam that you are getting on Facebook then you can take certain measures to stop them. Unfortunately, there is not a universal switch on Facebook that lets you disable the sponsored messages. So you’ll have to do it user by user, yes you need to individually block someone from sending you the messages. It’s not the ideal solution for everybody but it works and keeps the junk and spam out of your messages.


    Here are the steps you can take to block someone on Facebook for sending spam messages. 


    This guide will help you in blocking the messages on the PC version of Facebook. If you want support for other versions then you can contact Facebook customer support number and ask them for a solution.


    To block spam messages on Facebook:


    • Click on the messages at the top right corner of the page.

    • Then you need to open the conversation with the person you’d like to block.

    • Then click on the gear icon in the top right of the chatbox.

    • Then click on the Block and then on the block messages.


    When you block messages from someone then they can’t send you messages or call on Facebook chat or messenger. And they also won’t be able to search for your profile on the Facebook chat and messenger.


    Well, if you are finding yourself in trouble while looking to block someone from messaging you. Then you can contact the team at Facebook help number. The good folks at Facebook contact support number will support all your needs related to Facebook. They can even solve your Facebook related issues via a secured remote connection.