Features of Sugar CRM Integration with Mailchimp

  • There are couple of features associated with MailChimp SugarCRM integration. Most important to be discussed is the bidirectional synchronization of MailChimp lists and SugarCRM campaign leads, contacts and accounts that businesses will get their hands on. Let us now delve into the main features and benefits that come across as a result of SugarCRM integration with MailChimp.

    1. Two-way Synchronization

    MailChimp SugarCRM integration uses API to synchronize in both the directions between Mailchimp list and SugarCRM Leads, Accounts and Contacts modules. In simpler words businesses can perform 2 way synchronization of the whole data between SugarCRM and MailChimp in few clicks.

    1. Custom Mapping

    SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp helps you to map various fields of Mailchimp to SugarCRM fields. Apart from default fields, there is a separate option to map other fields as custom field. In other words you can map the CRM fields with MailChimp fields to insert or update the related field.

    1. Workflow

    SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp helps you to automate SugarCRM MailChimp tasks. When adding, updating records SugarCRM will synchronize automatically with Mailchimp based on the workflow conditions. Cron will assist to automate periodical synchronization for any set of selected lists on daily, weekly and monthly basis. As a result of SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp businesses can now add, update and delete their records in MailChimp with the assistance of few clicks.

    1. Audit Logs

    Mailchimp SugarCRM Integration comes with audit logs module This Logs module permits user to get the access for the detailed log for all synchronized actions. Specifications like service, assignee, message, status, created date and time for each record will be displayed in the list view.

    1. Schedule Synchronization 

    SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp enables businesses to schedule the synchronization of their data as per their given schedule while providing businesses with the needed ease.

    1. Secure sync

    SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp now enables businesses with to secure their data through MailChimp secure API.

    1. Sync Relative Records

    As a result of SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp businesses can synchronize selective records within MailChimp lists, Groups and Groupings.

    Points to consider

    While going for SugarCRM Integration with MailChimp there are certain points that needs to be well aware of.

    1. SugarCRM always takes a higher precedence over Mailchimp. Any record changes that will be made in SugarCRM will always be synced to Mailchimp.
    2. Data will be synced from MailChimp if and only if the email address does not already exists in CRM at the time of syncing. The other scenario is when a user will be using the Mailchimp Update Profile Form in order to update the existing records within the field updates through Mailchimp. In such a case field Mapping will be required to proceed.