Improve Website Conversion Rate Through Better UX Design

  • UX design is the backbone of a website. It is a process by which one can enhance user satisfaction by improving the overall usability and accessibility of the website. Also, the conversion rate is directly proportional to the quality of the UX design of the website. 

    A website that delivers great visual experience will instantly boost the business outcomes and the overall experience of the users. In simple terms, good UX means more visitors, good leads, and ultimately buyers. Here, you need to have the backing of the right Web Design Company in India


    Tips to Improve the Conversion Rates Using UX design


    UX design to improve conversion rate


    Here are a few tips to consider while opting for the right Web Design – 

    • Design a Clear Call to Action Button (CTA)

    Call to Action or CTA is the button that is used to guide users to the conversion process. These include – 

    • Start a trial
    • Sign up for updates
    • Book a consultation
    • Download the app

    Here, a clear and attractive CTA button improves the overall user experience of your website. This attribute should be placed on every page of the website to get the best results. 

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    It is clearly observed that the websites that have a clear CTA have good conversion rates. 

    • Catch the 404 Errors

    Users are expected to land on specific pages to get the right results. However, if they land on a 404 Error page, you have lost them. They will quickly navigate to a new website and look for a new service. Therefore, you need to have the backing of the right Web Design Company in India

    Having the right service provider means a quick solution to the 404 errors. Rather than remaining stuck on the above page, personalize the website to give a friendly or funny message. Relevant and pleasing images can reduce the annoyance of users. So, the idea is to jump on the problem as soon as possible. 

    • Use authentic images

    Images uplift the webpage and make the content appear appeasing. However, never go for picking stock images for your website. Remember, it does more harm than good. The strategy is to go to the right Web Design company to get the best results. 

    So, use authentic images and the right service provider to tide you through. No matter how simple these may seem, yet these are far better than stock photos. 

    • Faster page loading time 

    If the webpage loads slowly, it will frustrate you to no avail. Users may quickly abandon your website and jump to another one. 

    If the website takes more than 2 seconds to load, you have lost the customer. Also, based on the length of the loading time, users create a mental image of your brand and brand perception. This may cost you dearly in the long run.  

    Likewise, merely improving the page loading speed is not enough. You need to think about the users who are visiting you from mobile phones. As a result, you need to take a mobile-first approach and design solutions that are user friendly and safe. 




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